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Binding Recommendation

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Looking for opinions and recommendations..
Eastern Skier with annual trip out west.

Just pickup another pair for the quiver.
Head Monster IM88's..

Looking for binder opinions..
Lifted vs Non so look px vs rossi axials...

Since mostly used in the east and will be on off piste am I better off
with the lifted Look or non lifted rossi.. Will the lift greatly enhance on piste and neg impact off piste backcountry...

I know this has been discussed but figured I would ask....
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my first question is are you comparing the Look PX to a Rossi Axial or the Axial 2?

Assuming you are talking about the Axial 2's (same heel as the PX) you are talking about the same binding other than the lifter. Will you notice a huge difference. Probably not. That being said I tend to use a flat binding on skis wider than 80mm. I think that on piste a lifter is great but in the softer snow there is not real advantage to a lifter
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Thanks for the input.. Yes I was comparing against axial 2..
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