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Utah Locals!

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Hi all:
My family (4yo, 7yo, 9yo, dh) and I usually ski Snowbird every year. However, I am considering Solitude this year. Reason? Price. Tickets for the family will be $899 vs. $1300. Will I be disappointed with Solitude? My hubby is expert and I am advanced. My daughter skis blues and one son skis some blues. This is Snowbird. The young one is still in ski school.

Also, since my kids do take lessons occasionally. Have any information about Solitude's ski school? Where is the ski school drop off for 4 year olds?

Tell me about Solly!!!
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I'm no local but have skied both for many years. Probably easier to say what Solitude doesn't have. No Tram. No alpine Bowls like Little Cloud & MB & the Cirque. No long mogul fields. Sol skis much, much smaller. Front face is nice for kids and family skiing, but basically wide intermediate to adv interm slopes. I would say it has about 1/4 the terrain that SB has, maybe less if you take out tight trees and far traversing for one shot in Honeycomb Canyon and some tricky stuff way up on top. (and i don't care what official acreage is).

Lodge and food at both are basic and unremarkable. I think it would be hard to switch a season pass if you were happy at Snowbird. Probably better to at least check Solitude out early season before buying pass or maybe buy a pass that uses less days at Snowbird, if available, and then spend a few days at Solitude.
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How much would lift tickets be at Alta?
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Actually, based upon what you've said about your family, I think they might have a better time at Solitude than at Snowbird. Plus, you can always go to Brighton (adjoins Solitude) for a day if you want to try something else. Unfortunately, I can't tell you about Solitude's ski school as my kids have gone to Brighton's and Alta's, but not there.

Shredhead-List prices for adult day lift tickets are $72 at Snowbird ($62-no tram), $64 at Alta and $61 at Solitude.
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Has the price of a lift ticket at Alta gone up in the past couple 2 or 3 years??

Seems to me I paid $47 in March '07??
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Like SB devotee said, Solitude skis so much smaller than the Bird. I could ski Snowbird everyday, but I get bored after a day at Solitude. Honeycomb has some very nice steeps for experts, but the front side is pretty plain. I think it would be a great place for kids though. I have been to Brighton a lot more and while not quite as nice as Solitude, I prefer the skiing at Brighton much more.

Maybe you could split time between snowbird and solitude? I know this is hard with kids and ski school.
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get the ski salt lake superpass before december 15 at travelocity or orbitz, it's $180 for 4 days. that's $45 per day, and it's good at alta, snowbird, solitude, and brighton. it includes the tram at snowbird too.
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