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Hotronics vs. therm-ic vs. bootsock

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My girlfriend gets cold (feet mostly) really easily. She has nice boots, custom footbeds and good, thin, smart wool socks. I'm thinking about getting her boot warmers for her birthday at the end of the month. Is there a brand/model you would recommend (for the money) over another. She would need one w/ the heating element b/c of the custom footbeds already in her boots. I've read previous forums on the subjects but was wondering if any new info or opinions had developed. It seems the boot sock helps but not that much for someone who is real prone to the cold. Chemical/disposable warmers don't seem to do the trick, keeping her feet warm for a while then wearing out or making them sweat too much. Do they influence the fit of your boot at all? Do they work for more than one season? She doesn't quite have the ski shape to ski hard all day so battery life wouldn't be the main criteria for a choice. Money is an issue so I'd prefer not to spend $200. Thanks.
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I;ve seen very good results, long term, from hottronic.

The thermics that I have sold and seen have a huge return / warranty rate. The company is great at returns, but just too bad that you have to in the first place.

Also hottronic has been around for 15+ years, they know there stuff.
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i've had similar experience of faults with both thermic and hotronic, the biggest problem i see is broken cables when the battery gets hit by a chairlift

for a cheaper solution try bonding thick aluminum foil to the zeppa or the bottom o the footbed, this will reflect heat back into the boot and can keep the feet a good few degrees warmer
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CEM just hook the heaters on the side of the boots and they won't get knocked off by the chair.
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Mtnlion is correct about the Thermic problems, I've been selling them for several years. But the problems were production related and seem to have been licked. Thermic was founded by the man who founded Hottronic after he sold the company.

Other than Thermic hopefully solved problems many people like their remote control system and it sells well. General problems between the two are similar. Broken cables especially where the cable exits the heel of the liner and is often due to rubbing when pulling liners out, lost batteries and chairlift hits.

Raycantu is correct that mounting the batteries on the side helps but it does make accessing buckles more difficult.

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Thanks for everyones advice. Is there a specific model of the hottronics people would recommend. Is it worth spending the extra $ for the longer lasting battery?
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if she is day skiing for 4-6 hours, and can re-charge overnight, then not worth it, but only a few $$ difference.

Install is not too bad yourself, but read the instructions a few times. Most stores will do the install for a few bucks

also hottronic has a power strap mount that is very slick. Lets you use the buckles, I have yet to see one fall off, and it is off to the side for chair protection too.
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