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Ski thievery

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After seeing a couple of threads about stolen skis and effectiveness (or lack of) in splitting pairs up, I'm wondering about the geographic distribution of ski thievery. What areas are most likely targets, and which the safest? I've never been a victim, but a friend had a car broken into at Killington and his board and all his gear taken.
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Not so much where but when...The week right after Christmas. I know from experience... when I got my wife new skis for Christmas, the first year we were married, up at Camelback, ours and 55 pair were stolen, errr went into a ski relocation program. Lunch time and from 3-5:00 when you go in after your last run, someone will take your skis to their car. Also, motel parking lots, I will not leave my skis in the box locked or not, they come into the room. And I leave the box unlocked so they don't break it to look in.
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Like theft of any other sort, no where is totally safe. All it takes is one jerk, or some bad word-of-mouth. The larger resorts are worse than the smaller ones, but don't kid yourself.

I lived in a very small northern BC town where people used to pride themselves that there was never any crime, and no one ever locked their doors. Well I guess someone boasted about this a bit too loud one day, because one night 4 houses got cleaned out and the thieves hauled away the loot in the trucks in the garages... you guessed it, the keys were always kept in the ignition. Like Sept 11th, life there was never quite the same again.
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So I'm at Sunday River this weekend. I'm locking up my skis, and I notice this overweight middle aged woman trying to look at my combination. I say a rude "Excuse Me!" and she moves away.

On Sunday, Mark tells me he was locking his skis up before using the rest room, and some woman was trying to read his combination!
Beware this new scam!
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Any chance these women were simply newbies that had never seen a ski lock?

Tom / PM
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[Phil ducking]Women can read? [/Phil ducking]
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I hope you folks reported these perps to slope security and provided a description.

At Klingontown it probably wouldn't matter but at other areas it might.

A good old fashioned "hangin tree" at the edge of town would probably work wonders. Heck, we could make use of those Taliban prisoners and give them real jobs here in the USA...... It's hard to steal skis with only one hand! :
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Has anyone ever had (or know of someone who has had) their skis stolen from the ski rack while in the parking lot or outside your cabin? How easy/difficult is it to break the ski rack locks and steal the goods?

I'm worried about my quiver!!
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