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too much foot movement

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I have some Technica Icons that have somewhere in the vicinity of 45-50 days on them. With in the last 10 days of use I've been getting more and more heel lift. Started with adding a heel wedge. Then two. Now I cinch the buckles down as tight as they'll go, which is making the feet tingle, but it's the only thing that will keep my heel from lifting. I recently moved the buckle anchors on the top two buckles over a notch, furthering them from the buckle it self. So now two of them won't need to be cinched all the way but I question if it will still "mis-shape" the shell. I've heard of ankle shims, or wraps that go between the shell and the liner to help prevent heel lift. What are your points of view from those in the know?

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see a good boot fitter, and they will tell you to buy boots 1-2 (or more) sizes smaller.
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needing to tighten boots that much after 45 days would suggest as mntlion has suggested boots which are too big...or at least too high in volume, get yourself to a good bootfitter and take their advice
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+1 for above.

But until you can get new boots....
You could start adding pads... Try a tongue pad to push your heel back in the pocket and snug up over the instep!
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Take out the heel lifts and use the tongue pad as Bud has suggested. And as CEM and Mountainlion have suggested get to a fitter and figure out what is wrong.

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Thanks guys. I rechecked shell fitting and it seems there is less then 10mm between heel and shell. I have a very low volume foot so I'm inclinded to agree that the volume of my boot is excessive. I'll probably get a new pair of boots at somepoint but i just picked up a pair of AC50's so I need to space out the spending. But, I know my boots need to hold my foot a little better to get the most out of my new lumber. I'll definatley try the tongue pads. That makes sense.
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