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Advice Wanted - Fischer AMC 76 Skis

Poll Results: Are the used Fischer AMC 76 (164 cm) a good ski for me?

Poll expired: Oct 27, 2008 This is a multiple choice poll
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    No buy new and go longer 170's
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Hi Snow Dudes and Dudettes,

I am a British skier intermediate level 6/7 and thinking of buying a pair of Fischer AMC 76 Skis 164 cm's.

I am Male 44 yrs, 5'11" and 160 lb's, i'm fit and ski in Europe 14/21 days a year. I Ski fairly fast but not a racer, I ski on groomed, ice and crud, No bumps and no off piste yet but off piste sooooon i hope.

I was advised to buy the Fischer AMC 76 Skis in 164 cm's. I am told they are for the more advanced skier but they would help me improve and allow me to ski all of the mountain.

I normally ski on piste but i want to go skiing in USA or Canada next season so i'm looking to ski in some powder with lessons when there and this year if i get the chance in Europe. The idea is that if i buy the AMC 76's skis now and use them in Italy and France this season, get used to them, improve and go off piste a little before going to USA or Canada next year for more off piste action.

I have seen some at 164 cm's for sale and very cheap i think and only used for for 6 days last year, so they sound like a bargin arround US$170/200 or £100/120.

Q. Are the slightly used 164 cm's ok for my hight/weight and ability or should i go longer to 170 cm's and buy new?

Q. Will i be ok on the Fischer AMC 76 Skis? Or are they too advanced for an experienced intermediate?

Q. I've also see adverts for boots that compliment the Fischer AMC 76 Skis but i have a comfy pair of Lange boots. Will the skis be fine with my Lange boots?

Any advice appreciated.


Britski Guy

I dropped acid when skiing and lost my wife, I recommend it !!!
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Just my humble opinion, but I think those skis are way to short...at least go to 170s. As far as the ski goes they are a great intermediate ski, very forgiving, will skid or carve, great one to take to the next level. I'm 6', 200lbs and find the 170s just a tad too short.

I just noticed this is your first post! Welcome to Epic...great forum for any info you might be lookin' for.
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170cm. No need to repost what RC posted.
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I'm a bit shorter, but weigh the same as you and I ski the Fischer RX8 in 160 cm length (waist on the RX8 is around 66mm, so surface area in contact with the snow is smaller than the AMC76). I would have liked to get the RX8's in a 165, but got a great deal on the 160 cm and they've been fine for U.S. east coast groomers and packed down glades. No chatter at speed so long as I keep them on edge.

If you're primarily going to ski the groomers, 164 cm should be long enough IMO. For off piste skiing, I agree with the above posters that additional length would be helpful.

Note that the AMC 76 has two sheets of "titanial" and is a fairly stiff ski, so it might not be the very best ski to learn to ski bumps on.

The integrated Tyrolia-made 12 DIN railflex bindings that are available on the AMC 76 are easy to adjust to suit your preferences. I definitely recommend purchasing the AMC 76 with the integrated bindings.

Best of luck in making your choice.
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I'm a level 7/ low 8, 5'10 195 and have 176 AMC 76's. They are solid and very under rated allround skis, great in bumps and trees and good on groomers. I agree with above that the 164 would be to short but this is a fun ski in the right length.
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No. And you'll want 85mm+ waist for US or Canadian off-piste action.
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Great ski for your purposes, I owned the 170, advanced, weigh 165, could have skied the next size up if I wanted more GS style turns. DO NOT GET the 164. Period.
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Thanks to all for advice!

I bought the 170 cm skis today.

Can't wait to check-em out.


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Hi im high end intermediate skier,on piste,(groomed runs&whatever comes my way if its snowed o/night)dabble a bit off piste not far&still not into that yet,thats background to the fact that i bought some Fischer am 76 164s,im 5ft 5ins tall&weigh about 65 kilos,i find them a great ski both on & off piste,i have Fischer bindings as well,i ski 14days a year,when i bought them i wasnt the skier i am today,but they have helped me to improve,so my advice for what its worth is if u want a good allround ski,get some bought,regards Mr P Bear.

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