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Kids Boots

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My daughter went in recently to get new boots for the upcoming season. She's 12, and fairly small. She seemed to be caught in the middle with flex. She either crushed the boots, or they were on the stiff side.

My question is, does it make sense to look at non-race adult boots? It would seem that all levels of flex would be available if we didn't limit ourselves to kids race boots. Is it that the liners are too thick to race in?
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how tall is she/heavy is she?
what level is she skiing at?
the main problem with going into an adult boot at age 12 is she probably is not tall enough for the shaft of the boot not to be all the way up to her knees

there should be plenty of selection out there, Atomic for example make a junior boot in 60/70/80/90 flex, the 60 is based on the B tech so 104mm wide the 70 is based on the M tech so 102mm the 80 and 90 are both based on the race tech CS last so 98mm all can be adjusted in flex to some extent with some clever boot fitting,
this is just an example of one brand

i think the key is to get her in to see someoen who can assess her needs and work with you to get here the best boot for her. where are you based there hould be one of us who can help near by
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100% what CEM said.

also boots can be made softer, but not stiffer.
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Agree all around. You don't say what size her foot is but typical 12 year old will find adult boots in short supply if made at all. However, that really isn't the issue. They will probably be too tall if available.

In addition to companies mentioned Tecnica makes 70 flex down to microsmall and 90 flex down to 22 I believe possibly even smaller. Head makes new Raptor 90 to 22.

What size is your daughter's foot in Mondo?

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