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So, I'm the guy who posted about the 7:00 lesson time?

Sorry, my crystal ball is fogged a bit today.

And yes, some instructors suck to high heaven. "Spooked by a snowmobile" ..... sound like you had tunnel vision working on those parallel turns. I'm sure your situational awareness has improved ... all part of the learning curve.

Lighten up.
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Sorry for the outburst. You're right. Lightened

I was thinking about my earlier post and I don't mean to insult everyone who might work at Blue Mountain. I know it's a sheet of ice every evening because of mother nature and the only alternative would be no skiing at all. I mean only to suggest that I had a bad experience there or two. I just wonder why the show didn't pick some of the best skiing the east had to offer up in Vermont if they had to go with the ice coast. I was so shocked to hear PA skiing on a national ski patrol show I lost my mind for a sec .
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All of the hills have stopped grooming while the hill is open to the public.

Because of this, evening skiing is often sugar piles and ice and that makes it rough on all of us. The reason is that there were too many incidents with the groomers and skiers. Even closing the trails for selective grooming didn't work cause' someone would jump the rope or ski through the trees to the closed trail.

The one holdout .... Alpine, in PA .... still groomed till 2001, till a kid (10'ish or so girl) ... skied through the trees and was killed by the groomer.

Same with bumps ... the insurance companies, the lawyers, and "what the public wants" ... kind of run the industry.

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Ah, interesting to know. I did see the groomer go by once during ski hours last year at Blue. They did Paradise, Lazy Mile, and I'm not sure what else. I don't remember exactly when it was, but it was definitely during the day. There were crowds lined up at the top of the run wherever the groomer was going. At first I wondered what was going on to cause crowds standing at the top of runs. So, I asked the guys on the lift and they told me a groomer was going around.

I'd been skiing dozens of times yet had never skiied right after a groomer. I happened to be standing at the top of the hill when they opened one up so I tried it. I do have to say that was pretty nice Took all of about a half hour for it to go back to its earlier state. It's unfortunate they can't do that more often... Close a run, groom it, close another run... Sigh...

I wonder what motivated them to do it that one time? Is it the return of the groomer?
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So, how was the show ?
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Originally Posted by philippeR View Post
So, how was the show ?
Starts tonight, 8PM EST/PST.
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Since they are doing it at two mountains, Crystal in WA being the other, it sort of makes sense to do it an Eastern ice sheet. I mean why not? The show is not about k-nar or even lowly gnar terrain, but about ski patrol doing their job. That job is vastly different at different mountains. Show the guys at Crystal dropping bombs and the guys at Blue hauling guys in Starter jackets down in sleds.

If you want to see patrollers helping/bailing out drunken ******* jongs, what better place than a typical eastern ice sheet?(Note I'm a proud nor'easter, who does most of his skiing on this coast) Maybe Mountain Creek would've been a better choice (I mean they are in the armpit), but they are probably all high and mighty since they've become the number one mountain in the east

I think Blue makes perfect sense as a counterpoint to Crystal.
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Actually Mountain Creek was one of the ones considered. Would've been wild. Oh well!
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Now I don't want to hear any stories about folks sitting in their ski gear watching this.....

TruTV @ 8pm Eastern (10 minutes from now)
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Oh oh... Ten minutes to ski patrol

Lookin' forward to it. I hope it turns out to be a good show.
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Watching now. I like the way the director over-dramatizes these shows. I watched the beach patrol shows.... Same deal....

They write this stuff for the couch potato..."wow man"

Just viewed the photos of the trollers----Bet there was a director trying to get those faces...no way they could actually just be like that.
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My channel just got bumped cause Warren Sapp was dancing on ABC
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Hot Melissa with a-hole boyfriend. TYPICAL....if she returns his calls, she proves the rule...dumb blond.
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Not nearly as bad as expected

Just got done watching both episodes. I'm kind of sad, they were both at Crystal, I wanted to see some Blue Gnar Cheese.

Watched it with the gf, in both episodes there were girls who were beginners that got ditched by their a-hole boyfriends and ended up hurt. I got some points for never doing anything remotely close to that and sticking with her while she learned.

It was certainly over done, but far more watchable than the over dramatic episode descriptions made me think it would be.

Best part were the kids calling the patrollers dicks for making them tear down their jump at a mtn with a strict anti-jump policy. If they had been dicks they would've clipped the tickets of those little shits, especially with the way they were acting.

Did anyone else notice that you never really saw the road buried under the avalanche? I saw the dozer clearing what looked like an already cleared road to me.

Man I need to get skiing!!
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Anyone notice the girl is rocking Lange World Cups and GS poles with what appear to be pole guards?

Do real ski patrollers have any use for that gear, or is it a show thing?
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I missed it! We do not get Tru TV... Can anyone put it on a torrent site for download? Thankyouthankyouthankyou http://forums.epicski.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by I:)Skiing View Post
Watching now. I like the way the director over-dramatizes these shows.
Originally Posted by I:)Skiing View Post
Hot Melissa with a-hole boyfriend.
Originally Posted by dumpy View Post
Watched it with the gf, in both episodes there were girls who were beginners that got ditched by their a-hole boyfriends and ended up hurt.
It appears a theme is emerging...

Tuned in during the Broncos/Pats Mon night game for the last 10 minutes or so of Patrol and agree…yes, boyfriend is a waste

I was sorry to see so much over drama so quickly with way too much camera jumps & lens splash trying to amp action. Otherwise the very few takes of some skiing with broad views were fine…until I watch a few seconds of patrol free skiing. And forget the mad skilz bringing a down a burrito with a 250 pounder strapped in it as those Patrollers could use some simple straight line balancing.

The closing Ranch dressing patroller gulp fest was a waste of…well…salad dressing. [I hope they washed the lip lock off the bottle as I think they recycle and fill those back up from bulk cans ].

Ahh..what the heck..I give it one more shot next week. It can only improve [right?]
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Gotta wonder if the tree well rescue was staged?

I mean, these things are real and happen without a doubt but I had the feel that some was done for the camera.
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Yeah so I watched it too.

I agree it was over dramatized. It was nice that they let us know the kid in the first episode was ok but you could tell that from his dad's soundbite at the airport so they were over playing his injuries. Also believe they were trying too hard to create tension with the blocked road scenario. And the patroller jumping rock bands to get to the scene of an accident. I'm not on patrol, but when I did work at a mountain that kind of skiing was frowned upon whilst on duty.

Otherwise though the show at least held my interest. I do wonder though if hey had cameras following all those patrollers all the time and at the huts or if some of the calls and rushing to respond were perhaps recreated/dramatized to make for better storytelling. I mean did the camera op. just stand there and film the guy looking for his buried wife or did they recreate a bit of that... Nahh, no "reality" TV producer would ever do that...ya think?
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Just caught the tail end of that..was that the patrol couple? From what I noticed it looked like a re-enactment. A shame as patrol does see that and deal with it daily. Wondering what the burden of capturing the volume of actual footage necessary to distill some good story lines as well as camera even getting there real time is ever possible.
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I agree that the road avalanche and tree well incident were at least partially staged. There is no way that a patroller would huck a cliff on the way to an incident - either the huck was spliced in, or he only did it on the way because the cameras were rolling.

All in all though, it was fairly entertaining. They have to beef things up to some degree to make the show marketable to the average watcher. It was far less overdone than I expected it to be.

crgildart: that was too effin funny! Thanks, I needed a laugh today.
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Knew it was on, didn't bother watching. Waiting for the Blue episodes. That should be fun. Will making into a drinking game, will drink for every Starter Jacket/Jeans or shots of GSS. I hope I can make it through the whole show without having to hold the floor down.
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I'll have to check that out. I meet a lot of skiers from Blue Mt in WY. I don't think i ever skied there when I lived in PA, but they really represent.
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Originally Posted by epic View Post
It's also filmed at Crystal or Baker or something. I don't think they are filming faux avy work at Blue.
Baker told them to go fly a kite.

I was actually approached about shooting all of there PR images and now after seeing a couple of the episodes they sent us as media copies, I'm glad I didnt do it.

This is EXACTLY what are sport DOESNT NEED!

And secondly I dont think they could have done a worse job of portraying ski patrol. This show is going to cause more harm than good to further the publics perception of ski patrol as "on mountain cops"

I think that our sport does need more main stream coverage, just not done this way. True TV is as clueless as can be.
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Saw my first episode last night that I had DVR'd. Was fun to see, but I do have an issue with the show.

As it is, many if not most people who do not ski fear injury if they try it. Having a show who’s whole purpose is to show just how often people get into trouble is not a very good way to promote the sport. Now I know they, the producers, couldn’t care less about promoting skiing, they are there to make a show and get viewers, but as a skier I cant help thinking that a show like this makes it that much more difficult to convince a friend or family member who is on the fence about trying it out. God forbid they see an episode like where the kid had to get airlifted with possible spinal chord damage..its enough the make most people say no thanks. Even I winced and it made me remember how easy it is to really seriously mess youself up.
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However .....

There is a certain degree of honesty and many folks are so wowed by all of the "big air" and pipe and park stuff ..... the dudes come with the "tude" and not the talent.

At one hill I worked at, Patrol and the management had a policy of air lifting all head trauma cases.

There were a few sunny weekends that I thought I was working at a heliport ...... the choppers were in and out all freakin' day!

Now, stand there with a class of first timers ... who start asking about all of the choppers .. and then just deadpan ... "Looks like we'll be on the six o'clock news tonight" ... at least let em' think they are news copters right?

The media promotes the bad ass stuff from the get go. This may at least balance things out.

No basic skills any more .... right to the terrain park fer' some awesome rail ...
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The show was overdone. I did like the shots of Crystal, but I'm biased. There was a treewell incident with married patrollers last year, but they were MUCH older. It was serious and when they got the woman out (she survived) she was turning blue.

I like and respect the patrol at Crystal and although I have never had a sled ride they have patched me up a few times.
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LIke RR said, and cross posted in the Patrol Shack I've decided to not let my 4 and 6 year olds watch this show cause I don't want them to think skiing's just all accidents and injuries. I do want them to respect the obstacles and so forth, but I don't want them terrified of skiing in general.
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There is a bunch of Canadian Ski Patrollers that would love to see this show. I really liked the idea of watch the show and turning it into a drinking game. At Mont Ste Marie where I patrol we could film an X-rated TV series in no time. I'm guessing this show lacks the drinking and partys that make Patrolling that much better. Too bad...
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All in all, I thought it was a pretty good couple of shows. I definitely enjoyed watching it and as a patroller, couldn't take too much issue with the way the did/portrayed things.

If you don't think it was staged, go back and watch it again. There are lots of little things that make the staged stuff obvious. But much of the footage is real (live) too. If it were all staged, they wouldn't need to blur-out the faces of the folks who didn't give them consent nor of some of the logos (why did they blur a logo on one goggle strap and not another - smith paid and another didn't?). There was also a scene where the patroller supposedly starts down with the patient in one type of sled and then the skiing/arrival at 1st Aid scenes show him with another type (the handles are different). But I didn't really care about those parts since it was mostly good footage of skiing and/or patrollers in action.

No, I seriously doubt any patroller would launch a cliff jump en route to a wreck. Unless it was the only way to get there or get there quickly. They had a bunch of skiing footage that was cool and wanted to use it. Its much better to watch than the way we normally ski on our way to a wreck - which is basically as fast and straight as we can go safely.

I suspect they got some of the narration of sequence of events and details wrong. Or they just do things differently at Crystal. If the neck/spine injury was as serious on-scene as it appeared (lots of blood, head wound, compromised c-spine), I would expect the patroller and dispatcher to make a helicopter call rather than waiting to get to the bottom and then making the call. But that may be their protocol for any number of reasons (not the least of which is that they have more of a clinic at the base than our mountain has and therefore can probably do a lot more for the patient in 1st Aid than we can do). But I'd have made the call to get the helo in the air pretty soon after assessing that patient (boy its easy to make these calls when you have tons of time to think about it and analyze the situation).

I'm not sure how I feel about scaring people. One of the things I noted was how much I cringe and worry at the severity and gross appearance of the injuries on TV vs. being at the scene. In many ways it seems much easier to be involved in the action as the patroller than watching the scene. You have your job, you know how to do it well and have practiced countless times - you just sort of do it and deal with stuff as it comes up - then it sinks in afterward. I've saved it on Tivo so my kids can watch. They know they can get hurt skiing but also need the reminder to be safe.

As for the police thing - not sure how I feel about that. I hate the idea of being a cop. We only knock down jumps if you can see them from the lift/trail. If you go build a kicker in the back/sidecountry and we don't see it, we're very unlikely to do anything about it, even if Jane Q. Public lets us know. And I'm pretty sure that our unspoken policy on safety meetings is that we can't participate in them, but we never saw nor smelled what they were doing out there in the trees. We do some speed control in congested merge areas but no one likes doing it. The one thing we are dicks about is people skiing closed areas. We have a very relaxed open-boundary policy, but if we close something its usually for a good reason so if we catch you ducking a rope or skiing past a closed sign, we're going to give you a hard time. And if you are an ahole about it, we may take your ticket - mostly we give warnings and note the persons name - if they do it repeatedly then we'll yank tix/passes. I suspect we'll see more drunkenness and dickishness from guests when they show the episodes from Blue Mtn.
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