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Communications: speaker/mic, headset??

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Hi all. Once again, I have a weird question for you, but then again, I am sure that you are used to that from me by now. My small mountain has a small problem, to wit, a dearth of walkie talkies. When the next shift of patrollers comes in, the previous shift has to give up their radios, and those of us who have given them up are then forced to find someone with one, and then we have to jstick with them, kinda like a lost puppy. I hate feeling like a lost puppy, and I have always been afraid that I will come across an injury when I am radio-less. So, I finally bought myself one. (Thank-You eBay!)

However, this has led to another slight problem. While researching speaker-mics, I came across piles of headsets that look like they would be quite suitable for patrolling. So I have decided to throw the question out there? Do any of you use headsets while patrolling, or does everyone stick with the tried and true speaker mic? If there is anyone who does not use Motorola radios, are there any brands of headsets or speaker mics that you have used or tried that you like?
Are there any that you have hated? Are there any that just did not work well, that broke straight out of the box, that shorted out in wet weather, that died just when you needed it, or that you were tempted to wrap around an avy charge?
Do tell!

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Hi Dean,

I have an 'Audio' helmet that I sometimes plug my radio into. That setup works really well for me in hearing the radio calls. But, I still have to drag the radio out of my jacket to use it.
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Motorola make a setup called temple transducer headsets where the "headphones" fit behind the ears and the PTT is a button on the cord. The setup connects to later model Motorolas with the same connection as an external mike. Haven't used them patrolling but we use them in our emergency services organisation and swear by them.
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Dean - I use the built in speakers in my Giro helmet and hook up the audio cord to the remote mic on my area's motorola radios. Since the remote mike clips to the outside of my patrol jacket, that makes it easy to transmit from the mic, but hear in the ear pieces. The added bonus is that guests don't have to listen to all the chatter as I sit next to them on the chair. Quite a few of the patrollers on my shift do this and it works well for our gear.
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