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Double Take!?

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Something strange happened to me at Alta on Saturday. I saw something that I thought I would never see, and was deeply concerned.

I was headed up to the Watson Shelter near the Germania lift, was taking my skis off, when, holy crap, what the hell is that? I was amazed when two snowboarders slid by me at a speed of around 3-mph! More to my amazement at these two, as I looked closer, I saw one of them was wearing a Snowbird Ski School suit! Surely a Snowbird instructor would know better, surely they would be unemployed by the time they got to the base area! I went inside to get a cup of something warm to calm my nerves...

After drinking away my sorrows in hot cider I hopped on the lift and was lucky to ride up with one of Alta's finest, a patroller. I asked about the mirage that I saw on the hill earlier and got the following reply:

Snowboarders are allowed at Alta (almost had a heart attack and fell off the lift). However, they cannot come in through Snowbird from Sugarloaf Pass (where you can go between the resorts via lift), they must climb from the ‘Bird over the side of Mt. Baldy, which is no easy task, or hike up from the bottom. If they do come in over the pass, they will be escorted down the mountain (if they get past the armed guard). Alta does not want boarders in their intermediate area is what I was told, but she also told me that Alta does not want borders anywhere. They have no plans to allow boarders within their limits, and it is not even a discussion in their meetings.

This kind of goes with some of the other rant threads that have been going around lately, but a bit different.

It was also interesting to see the skiers and telemarkers giving the boarders a bit of a hard time.
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Wow, what a shock! I mean, the debate will go on and on and on, it hurts the snowboarders probably a bit, but the one that takes the real hurt is the resort itself. With the numbers of knuckle draggers building in leaps and bounds, I am amazed at the resorts that keep them out and the loss of $$$ that comes with it.

Fun story though, good luck with the hallucinations!!
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Here's from the other half of the glass.

Maybe with as few resort that only allow skiers, it is a bigger draw for Alta to keep them out. More skiers will come because they don't have to worry about boarders. I skied Atla in December and loved the fact that not a single board was anywhere on the mountain. I would love to go back again, just for that.

I skied Kirkwood(CA) this weeked what a difference. Boarders playing dead in the middle of the lift entry and exit areas. Blind side attacks. Boarder's stomping on thier board right on top of your ski's comming off the lift. Boarder's sitting right in the middle of the choke point on a run. I am sure that most of this is due to experence of the person. I just hope that one of these days, one of them learns to read the Skiers/Boarders Code. Courtesy RULES dude! Bite it and do it.
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The boarders cannot use the lifts at ALTA. So if they do come over the top, it is a long walk back to "The Bird". You will see alot of them hiking over in the Grizzley Gulch across from ALTA.
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