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I went skiing today!

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Seriously! I actually skied down a snow covered slope (can't call it a hill) today.

I arrived in London at 10 this morning for 2 weeks of work, about an hour and ahlf north of London. So I stopped in Milton Keynes and went skiing in a giant refrigerator for an hour. Thank God I only bought a 1 hour ticket. Fifteen minutes into my "ski day", I had lost count of how many runs I had made. It was pretty comical. It was usually about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes per round trip.

Now don't get me wrong, being from the Mid Atlantic, I'm used to yo-yo skiing, but this takes it to a whole new level.

I rented some loverly rear entry boots (a whole size smaller than my normal ski boots, just to get a somewhat tight fit) and whatever skis they have (generic Rossi rentals). Because I knew I might do this, I had brought some ski socks. The only thing missing was gloves. Nope, never got cold with my street clothes and a jacket.

Hey, it was fun! Sliding down a hill is always fun. Good times
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Good for you John. It’s sliding..indoors or out!

Wear The Fox Hat posted this of MK in the current name this trail thread

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any idea how steep that thing is?
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It looks like it used to be a movie theater.
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No idea about the actual pitch, but it's sort of a steep beginner, easy intermediate. But the whole thing is all the same pitch. So the beginners have a magic carpet, but the only difference is that it only goes half way up. It's entirely too steep for beginner skiers.
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Is it icy? Is it fun? Is it cheap for an hour?

Lol, lots of questions...
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I'd love o try it!
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they're not icy, it's like man-made snow you get at resorts using snow canons. there's a few snow domes like this in the uk now. this is the one local to me in scotland http://www.xscape.co.uk/snow/braehea...a2444353dcb217

good place to go before a holiday (for a wee warm up) to the alps if there's no snow in the ski resorts. as above though, it gets a bit "samey" after a few runs.
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Not trying to rain on anybody's parade, but if that's what we end up with, I'm out! I'd rather sit on a beach.
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Did you get any face shots?
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I'm jealous!!!
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
I'm jealous!!!
You and me, both.

Thanks for the report, JH.

I'd totally hit that if I was in the neighborhood.
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I'd laugh, except I'd go skiing on frost-covered grass right about now. So Milton Keynes is looking
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Heh, way to get after it! You know I would at this point of the year.
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Originally Posted by KevinF View Post
Milton Keynes is looking
Congratulations! I'm prepared to bet money that this is the first time in internet history that anyone has said that about Milton Keynes. Maybe you could send your post to the Tourist Office -- if they have one!
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I went once for a ski test ... it cos about $40 for one hour and I was bored after 20mins. I love to ski but that just wasn't doing it for me. I grew up skiing on the artificial slope in Edinburgh so had my share of pretend snow.
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the one in dubai is slightly "larger" and even has a black run!

I've got friends who've skied it and they say it was good for a couple of hours as long as you didn't take it too seriously.
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Now if there was one nearby me, I'd be lining up to teach there in the summer.

Yah, I'm that addicted to the "white stuff."
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I go up to Milton Keynes to ski about once a month to get my fix (going there next friday in fact...), and while it pales in comparison to being out in the mountains, I still look forward to it! Luckily this winter I'm swapping MK for Chamonix so I'll be getting a few thousand more meters of vert when I ski!
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BC - are you going out to work?
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I've skied the one in Dubai. Calling it a black run is being generous. It's a bit narrow, very hard-packed snow, and has one small steep section. At best, it's a blue. In fact, you can see the black run on the left side of the photo you posted. But it is good fun and makes for a better story.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
BC - are you going out to work?
Yes, but hopefully the skiing/work ratio will be biased towards skiing!
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Pretty soon you will not have to travel so far to ski in the summer. They are building one of those things right here in New Joisey next to Giants Stadium. The project is called Xanadu and will include 4.8 million sq ft of shopping, hotel, entertainment, and office space. There is supposed to be a huge ferris wheel also. The project was supposed to be completed this fall, but it is now scheduled for a summer 2009 completion. This has been delayed many times and it was an eyesore the last time I drove by. As if NJ doesn't have a bad enough rep with visitors that just see the area near the airport.
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that just makes me all the more gratefull for the mountain in the backyard. Mt. Hood all the way, longest skiing season in North America it only closes for a few weeks a year for maintanance
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