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TR 11 October Tahoe turns

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Hi I used to be 'tom at cham' but I lost my login and yahoo mail that it was attached to is no go here. I though it was about time I returned. So here are some pics from today

Second snowfall above reno this autumn (fall), The first one of any substance. So time to go ski.

Last week I hiked Slide mountain (Mount Rose ski area), it really didn't look like winter was on the way

This morning however my windscreen (windshield) was snowcovered and frozen, the chain/snowtire signs were flashing driving up Mt rose highway, winter had arrived.

From Mount Rose summit I hiked a short way up the trail towards Tamarack peak. Looking out south west towards Washoe lake

There wasn't a lot of snow but I guessed there would be enough to slide on

I beat up my 164's a bit today, no core shots or bent edges though

If I kept out of the bushier plants and kept to where the grass was sticking through the turns were quite good. Away from the grass there was less snow. If I edged hard I got resistance from whatever was under the snow.

I tried hiking further up the ridge, but it's more wooded and the skiing was bad to awful, less snow depth and more rocks and tree routes.

After walking back down to where I'd made my first turns I gave it another go and this time kept going all the way down to the highway. Keeping to mellower angle and looking ahead for smoother terrain I avoided most of the rock and skied out to the road.

October turns done. And not bad for a short storm.
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Nicely bringing back the stoke, Tom.

When will you be back to Cham? Would like to share some turns after you hit the home turfs again.
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A worthy re-entry to EpicSki for sure, and I merged your account so your post count is back.
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Well done, Tom. I love that kind of attitude.

I also skied today (two days later than you, however). The storm only left us with about 10-12", but that was enough to cover one of the out-trails at the top of Teton Pass. I skinned up (not very much up) for not quite an hour and then made fun little low-angle squiggle turns in nice powder on the way back.

It is *so* nice to feel soft new snow again.

Let the games begin!
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well done Tom. It didn't look like there was much there when i drove past on saturday.

heading to the airport yesterday it looked like there were some tracks on northwest at mt rose. Fingers crossed we get some more sooner than last year
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You Tahoeans. Way to twist the knife. Last Friday I get a voice mail from my Tahoe buddy gloating "No need to call back, just thought I'd call to rub it in cuz it's SNOOOWING HERRRRE. AHAHAHAHAHA!" *click.* And here in the East I've just started attempting to get in shape. BOGUS!
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nice work - got to get over to Mt Rose one of these Tahoe trips!
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