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Will you be on new skis this year? - Page 2

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And looking at the D2 SL IN A 170....
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new Nordica Patron's for me this year.  itching itching itching to put them on some snow.

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Originally Posted by TahoeJeff View Post

Just got some Atomic D2 GS non FIS. In a 184:)

9 year old thread.

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Just got a pair of Line Sir Francis Bacon 178.  And I'm form the East!  

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Originally Posted by l= 

9 year old thread.

Yeah. Holy resurrection, batman!

New Nordica Enforcers for me, thanks to SJ.
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Maybe a pair of park skis if they turn up cheap, other than that no new sticks. Going for new boot liners, and new winter boots, and tires for my truck. All of that is pretty much going to drain my savings.

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A pair of Wagner delivered last week.

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Ski Logik Rock Stars.

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New to me from eBay $220 Blizzard GSRs (from 2007).  And, the little ones got new skis.

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Originally Posted by ecimmortal View Post

9 year old thread.


Meh, as just an idle pass'in the time 'o day query, it's just as relevant now as it was then...


Pour moi, it's a brand spank'in new pair of 4FRNT Codys, getting mounted this week with the new Salomon Guardian AT binders.

C'mon Snow!

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I''ll be on one new to me pair of skis, a pair of Ogasaka carving skis for the East Coast hard pack and then a pair of brand new Rossi Experience 88 for the crud and East coast powder.  I also picked up some new to me zip fit liners over the summer as well.

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186 Lhasas.


Can't wait to add them to the quiver.  I'm going to need to build a bigger ski rack!  (oh no!) biggrin.gif

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168 DPS Wailer 112 RP SE


Just had to buy them because they are red rather than yellow and looked so lonely sitting there against the wall when I stopped into the Sart Haus last Spring.  I still consider them new because I used them only for two days in Lake Tahoe, and by the time they got shipped back East all the mountains had melted down while I was away.  Although they look like they would make pretty good water skis, I managed to resit the temptation.


Pretty much hated them on the first day, but by the end of the second day I was in love!


It's been a long wait, but it won't be long now before I'll be rockin' all the powder at Plattekill, Magic and MRG (hopefuly far abouve the rocks and roots)!

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Screw it.


186  Line Influence 105

191 ON3P Billygoat

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Not this year, saving up for a cat skiing trip. New gear is fun, but actually skiing is much better.
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New Bones with Marker Griffon bindings.  Thank you Mrs. Claus.

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Sure am. Plan to buy a new pair in the next couple of weeks. The favorite right now is the Salomon Rocker2 90.

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Bought a pair of new Cochise end of last season after looking for a set all '11/'12. One TERRIBLE day of skiing on them - my last day of the season.


Here's the story:

Silver Mtn rec'd about 12" of fresh snow - I thought. Jumped into my normal 1st run down Gem or Happy Jack. The damn things attached to my Falcons kept diving like a Chinese Olympian! WTH? Where's the Rocker? Where's the 108 underfoot?


I made 2 more runs and figured something was wrong w/the mounting of the bindings. Went into Silver's 'performance' rental shop and asked the tech (cool guy) to check if mine were centered mounted or what....(I'd have the Griffon's mounted @ a shop in CDA). He said they were back/normal/traditional - whatever is the current term.


I gave him my story about how they wouldn't stay on top and he told me he'd had a bunch of people come in w/the same complaint. Numerous skiers were 'done' @ 10a.m. due to the conditions out there. Really? I didn't check w/my local meteorologist, but the snow was not heavy wet powder, but must have been dense as lead.


I went back out on the Bliz's - even after he'd offered up some kind of water ski to try (wasn't in the mood and forgot my tow rope) - the Cochise managed to keep doing their best interpretation of a sub going down....Oh, plus  I buried a tip, flipped over a tree, and lost one pole....shopping for another set right now.


Btw, this will be my 41st year on skis, so I've learned to turn 'em both ways.



Back to the Poll.



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Yes new Bonafides, Jester bindings and Vacuums
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184 Atomic D2 GS
170 Atomic D2 SL
187 Atomic Alibis
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Yup,  Rossi HP Titanium HP



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Originally Posted by WVSkier View Post

Yup,  Rossi HP Titanium HP





Named Ski of the Year for whatever that is worth,,,  looks like a great ski!

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WB quiver - MX88 - actually got next years (this seasons) last year.





SLC quiver - Kastle LX94. Sitting in my garage right now. Figure I'll take them out to SLC to get the Griffons mounted, rather than let someone hack at them locally

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Last year's Mantras, with FKS 14's. Coming off AC50s, which are going to Dad, who is getting back on the hill this season after a too-long absence.
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No new skis for me in 2012-2013. 


I am good enough, and light enough to ski the skinny old 190 Volant Machete Gs in deep snow, which I will hardly ever see (and they aren't too bad as an all-around gs ski if it's not too icy.

I have the short turns covered with the Fischer SCs.

The P50s work well enough in bumps, and I will take them out and play with them now and again (and try to remember not to push them too fast).

If I get to a place with some serious steep vertical, I'll point the Kästle SGs down the fall line and let them run.

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I'm getting some new Volkl Racetiger Speedwall 165's & putting some Marker Comp16's on them. I have one pair each of the '04 P60 165's & '08 Racetiger 165's for short turns... I just want a pair for racing with some life in them. I'll also be getting a pair of Volkl Mantra 183's for back-country (w/ a pair of dynafit)... I can't afford either them but what am I supposed to do? I'm a skier dammit!   

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Picked up a pair of slightly used 2010 Dynastar 6th sense huges, 175cm. Bam. 


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Picked up a set of 2011-2012 Volkl Kendo 184 slightly used demo skis with salomon z12 demo bindings.  Not ideal, but dirt cheap till I can demo some this winter.


Want to try out some Kastles this year

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Nothing new yet, but hoping to get powder skis this year to complement my one ski quiver of Mantras.  The guy at the local shop talked my ear off about 2012 JJs, although Unleashed Hell deal at starthous isn't looking too bad either.  Waiting for the job situation to settle down before I buy anything.

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Well of course........purchased this spring for this upcoming season.


2012 K2 Obsethed - Marker Griffon

2012 Rossignol Sickle - Marker Griffon

2012 K2 Sideshow - Marker Griffon

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