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Will you be on new skis this year?

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What percentage of Bears have new toys this season?
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Well, they're new to me...


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Thus qualified. Your Vote Counts!

I realize some pathologic "flaw finders" (like me) will wonder whether demos are "new" skis (I'd vote not, personally), or 2001 still-in-plastic are (yes, of course), but I'll leave it to the voter to decide.

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You didn't ask the important question--how many new pair?
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I won't be, unless Santa brings in a pair...My kids will be, though. Thanks Santa.
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No new gear, but I am working on the next best thing--being fit when the season starts.
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I'm spending all my $$ on ski trips.
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I sort of have to get all new stuff this year. Last year, on my last day of skiing (Thank God!) I snapped a ski. About 2 weeks before that, I had a large woman in a lesson walk on one of my poles and crush it. I got out an older pair of poles, but I left them with a line-up supervisor when I went to the children's center one day (my second to last day of skiing) and he left them on the hill and they walked. I don't have any more pairs of matching poles. Plus my boots have 3 seasons on them (that's long enough for me to blow out the liners). Therefore, it will be all new stuff this year.
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diggity dawg, gonna be sportin' some AT gear this season, prob Atomic R:EX with Fritschi Freerides, and whatever AT boot I can get to fit me best.

would love to get some other boards too, but wisdom says NO.
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I bought some Atomic Beta Carves in Whistler last Christmas.....only have used them once since I have been back.....so they are still considered new to me. Man...I can't wait to ski this year.
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Only about 4 days on the R:ex's that I bought late last spring (mostly used the old skis for the rocks and mud at the end of the season). Hey Gonzo- I almost bought mine with Fritchi's as well, but ended up opting for alpine bindings. I am still not sure if I made the best decision. I don't go into the backcountry yet, but really want to do this. I've got a pair of Trekkers that I hope to try out this year once I complete an avy course.
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I picked up some (new to me) demos in mid March after skiing them in Steamboat. I got 3 days on them returning back East so they are still fairly new to me. I've decided to return to instructing this season...which means new shorty teaching skis So, yeah, I guess I'll be on new boards by mid/late December.

Of course I got the wife brand new Atomics in March also, so she'll need some "teachin' boards" as well (she's going to teach again too), so new boards all around this season.
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They will feel new when I first get on them!
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Oh yeah.

R:ex and Sugars. Might trade my SL and/or GS and/or SG and/or cash for a(brand) new colour matched canopy for my new 2004 F-350 diesel PU, and then replace with new one(s).
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Got a pair of K2 Enemies in the wrapper with some G3 bindings in the box right next to them. They should be mounted up pretty soon. I touch them every morning and it makes me feel all funny inside.
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'New' Nordica Beast 74TT. Demos, really, but no scratches even on the top sheets. Tried them on an indoor slope, they hold a good edge. They're in the corner of my living room, behind the TV, so I can ogle them all I want.
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Voted yes because I will certainly add a new pair before the year is over. Going to spend more time in the race course this year so i'll be demoing some G.S. boards when I can. Will probably end up with some new Chubbs or Pocket Rockets that i'll leave in Steamboat for the many visits that my Wife and I have planned this year.
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I interpreted "new" to mean just that so I voted no; but I'm totally amped because I got a pair of '00-'01 ti Chubbs in a short length for skiing glades at Jay this winter; and I got 2 new pairs of pants (Orage & Phenix) also used, but look out I'm gonna be one stylin' dude
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Just got my first pair of new skis. Can't wait to use them!
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I haven't fallen enough to tear the laminate off the tops of the new pair I got last year, so, yeah, they're still new to me.

I did get new boots 2 weekends ago at Green Mountain Orthotics at Stratton. Sweeeeeeet. :
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After getting two new pairs last season, no new ones this year. A pair of shorties would be nice.
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Most definitely.

I've decided that my old Rossi Viper 9.9's at 198cm are a bit too long for me now that i've got a bit older. They're really great skis, but at that length you're getting into "Starship Enterprise" territory.

I'm going to pick up some new boards at the Toronto Ski Show in a week and a half.
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
diggity dawg, gonna be sportin' some AT gear this season, prob Atomic R:EX with Fritschi Freerides, and whatever AT boot I can get to fit me best.

would love to get some other boards too, but wisdom says NO.
uppa data

thanks to the courtesies offered me by our own AltaSkier, I now will be the owner of a very little-used pair of R:EX.

Freerides and AT boots, here I come
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Yeah I might be. May give myself a "first kid graduates from college" present. (Financial nonsense rationalization - I'm *less* broke after that, but that doesn't mean I *should" spend more. But hey, I deserve it, right?)

Looking at my ski trip patterns last few years, I'm averaging at least 10 days/year out West (or in Europe) in addition to about 10-12 days back east. So I'm thinking of a freeride, perhaps a mid-fat. Especially since last year's Academy where I began to get out into some steeper and deeper stuff. Still on that intermediate-advanced cusp, but looking to get better. My X-Scream 8's are going into their 5th season and anyway I think I'm ready for a bit more ski.

I've got a recommendation from local shop for Head IM70, but I'm also thinking about the IM75 as something perhaps better-suited for the ungroomed, while apparently still ok on the groomed.

Lisa raves about her Volant Vertex 68's so I'm thinking of the men's version - Gravity 68, or again the wider Gravity 71. Also been reading the reviews of the Volant Machete Sin, and that sounds interesting.

Anybody got opinions? Especially on the approx 68-70 versus approx 74 underfoot?
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Stockli SL ..... 156

Stockli SC ..... 168

Yuki Jr. will be on new SL and GS juniors. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Just bought 175cm Supersport 5 stars yesterday. I am very proud.
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Got the Supersport 5* last year. I love them but I'm still paying them off and after such a wicked season I've nearly skiied out the cambour.

Try and get my equipment in a cycle that I only need to replace one thing each year but I've spent all my money on actually going skiing the last few years and now I need to replace my jacket (it served me well but doesn't seem to hold out the water after 6 seasons which is a trouble in oz) and my boots which started out as a race fit but after 5 hard seasons are like sloppy gum boots. My feet are all over the place so it really makes you keep center. Looking forward to new boots that respond without me having to shift my foot like a meter before I actually get energy transference!
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170cm Volkl 7 24 AX3 [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Just got some Atomic D2 GS non FIS. In a 184:)
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