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Willow: A Sad Farewell

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Many of you who have visited us in Summit County had the wonderful opportunity of meeting our cat Willow. Some of you have even taken care of her, and have experienced her endless capacity of love and affection. At 13 years old, Willow wanted nothing more out of life than to sit in our laps and give constant kisses. Perhaps her only other joy was tormenting our greyhound Giselle, or teasing Blackcomb, our other cat.

Mark and I are currently traveling through France and Italy. Giselle is staying at "camp," otherwise known as the Dog House in Breckenridge. Two of the girls from the Dog House have been coming in to look in on the cats.

Today, enroute from Firenze to Roma, Mark's cell phone rang. We were just going into a tunnel, so he could not receive the call. Later, he would listen to a message that would bring bad news. When Nicole from the Dog House came in on Friday, she found that Willow had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Rather than leave Blackcomb by himself, they decided to bring him to the Dog House and put him in the same room with Giselle. Since Giselle had originally found him as an abused kitten in a shopping bag, they are quite close.

Other than that, there is nothing we can do. So here we are in this beautiful room in Roma, complete with a private balcony. The temptation to try hucking is great, but Mark has hidden the key. Tomorrow, we will go to the Colosseum, where the stray cats roam. Not sure why, but it seems like the right thing to do. Otherwise, I feel as if my soul, if I ever had one, has been separated from my body.

For those of you who have cared for Willow and loved her, thank you for being a part of her life.


Mark and Lisa
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So sorry. Losing a longtime pet is miserable.
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Sorry to hear, pets are really hard too lose. My wife's cat is 19yrs old and when she goes I don't know what my wife is going to do. Mickee likes me too but only when mom is gone Being a old fart I have lost; 3 german shorthairs, l beagle, 1 mini poodle and Heracles, Kitty, Sam, the cat. I think we have to remind ourselves that they had a good life being with us and remember that.
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Well wishes Lisa & Mark as I have been there and it's tough. Bring on another one when you return and embrace the joy that they bring.
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I'm sorry. It's nice that Giselle and Blackcomb have each other now and LM and Mark, and all will be together soon enough, and Willow will be missed. God bless you all.
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Pets are a part of the family and we talk to them as though they understand because they do understand. So sorry for your loss and how difficult it must be to be so far away.
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Dr. Bigfoot (Mrs. oboe) and I send our deepest condolences. We too lost a cat in a needless accident some years ago, and Colleen was devastated. Now we have the remaining cat and a another we got after the accident. They're indoor cats now.

And I know that when the time comes, as inevitably it must, we both will feel an enormous loss.

Our thoughts are with you, Mark and Energizer Bunny.
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LisaMarie, my heart breaks for you & your husband.
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LisaMarie and Mark, I'm so sorry to hear this. I have lost dogs and cats, and I get it about what they mean and who they are for us. The photo is beautiful. What a fine animal, and how lucky you are to have had the time with Willow.

Take care,

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I'm so sorry to hear this Lisamarie. We have several pets and have lost quite a few of them over the years. It's never easy to lose a family member, and those us who cherish their pets certainly count them as family members.

God Bless.

weems--I certainly don't mean to hijack this thread, but even though I'm not around here as often, I still think of you and your family often with a heavy heart. I hope all of you are doing well, and God Bless you guys as well.
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Celebrate your times together. Applies to any loss, which we experience throughout our lives.
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So sorry to hear about this Lisamarie. RIP Willow.

We also lost our cat, Mitsi (10 years old) this past December, but after 3 months we adopted 2 kittens. They won't replace Mitsi, but they are great. Here they are, Rory (the boy) and Phoebe (the girl, on top).
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Lisa and Mark: So sorry to hear about Willow. Take care, Nancy
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Thank you everyone. And Weems, a candle has been lit for Wallace in Notre Dame. He may be gone, but wherever Mark and I travel, his spirit has been blessed.

Tom B, love the kitty pictures. Not quite sure what to do about getting a second cat. Blackcomb is actually closer to Giselle: She found him as an abandoned kitten in a shopping bag. However, a cat may need a cat playmate.
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Sorry Lisa. To us, our dogs and cat are family members and much loved. Our cat Cali, is now 19 years old and failing quickly. She is completely deaf and doesn't keep herself as clean as cats do. She's also missing her litter box more frequently which is not good. we've been at odds as how to get rid of her and who can take her to the Humane society to be euthanized. Neither one of us wants to do it but certainly need to before the real cold weather arrives. We have to leave her out during work hours and she won't last long in the cold around here. Tough, I know.

It'll be a sad day around here.
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My deepest condolences at your loss.
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Lisa and Mark, very sorry to hear of Willow's passing. I recall sadly all my pets that have passed, the toughest was my first I had on my own, i wish you both well full of fond memories of better days.
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Thank you all for your kind words. We've got 1 day left over here; it would have been pointless to spend several hundreds of dollars to rush home when it wouldn't have changed anything.

I know that walking into our home will bring back the devastation even more. I'll be expecting Willow to rub up against my leg and get that light fur all over my pants, to jump up and down on and off of the monitor when I'm working, and to be my "little foot cat" snuggled by my feet when sleeping, and will keep looking for her forgetting she is gone. I wish I knew what happened, and I hope she passed quickly without pain. I feel horrible that we weren't there to help her over the Bridge. I'm sure that Blackcomb did all he could to calm her passing, and we need to take care of him and Giselle now.

Again, thanks so much for all the kind words.
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My thoughts and prayers go with you LM and Mark,

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my condolences.
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Thank you, Coach. And thank you LisaMarie and Mark.

I'm one of those people who believe that everyone (people and animals) is pretty much equal in love and death. And that people and animals have the ability to touch each other's lives with beautiful grace and warmth and comfort and joy.

Willow seems to be one of those little spirits. Nice one.
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Once again, thank you everyone for your good wishes. On a final note, we have decided to have Willow buried at the Evergreen Memorial Park

It's a strange combination of human and pet cemetery, animal preserve and a petting zoo. Also, the grounds are filled with historic artifacts of the mining era, which is one of my interests. Again, thanks, and for those of you who have met or taken care of Willow, I hope that her unconditional love has touched your life in some significant way.
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Thanks for the pm, LM....I missed this. I'm so sorry Willow has passed. She was some kitty!

When we were pet sitting for you, I remember Willow sleeping on my feet at the foot of the bed. She was a miniature woodstove full of furry heat, and you just couldn't budge her once she was set!

She knew how to be comfortable and if I wanted to shift positions, I moved around HER. And happily so.

She will be missed. Rest in peace, Willow. You've made a difference in many lives.
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