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Best Snow East This Year

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Making plans to go east from Ohio for spring break. Who has the best snow this year so far? Plan to go as far as Vermont in search of snow.

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oh, the COVERAGE is here, alright. When it's cold, the coverage is hard, and when it's warm, the coverage is softer but has less chance of longevity. All in all, skiable and good coverage, but we've seen better snow. And I have a hunch that's the best you can hope for anywhere in the northeast, and if that's not accurate, I'm looking for directions to the better snow.

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Ditto to what Oboe says.
On the bright side, I just heard that a cold front may come thru here the end of the week. But I wouldn't get my hopes up. Check the web pages of the various resorts. You want a place that made PLENTY of snow while the snow-making was good, and had the weather and grooming to keep it. Check Jay, Stowe, Killington, Okemo, Stratton, and Mt Snow........Or you might want to consider Colorado.....
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Go as far north as you can. Jay, Stowe, etc. I was at Sugarbush 2 weeks ago and north facing slopes were Ok, everything else you had to do slalom between brown spots.
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I was at the bush a week before that and it was porcelain.
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At the begining of the month i hit Jay, Stowe, Sugarbush, and Mad River. Out of the four, the more north you got the better the conditions. Anything at or below Sugarbush has too much brown to negotiate. I would recommend Stowe or Jay.
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Thanks guys... we are just going to drive until we hit the best snow. What about winter camping -- any spots around those mountains?

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