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POV.1 Mounting

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Just picked up one of these helmet cams and I was wondering how other people are mounting them. In the box it comes with a variety of tape foam pads to mount the base to the helmet but they just don't seem to stick well enough. I do see there is a velcro strap to use with goggles which looks like it will work better than the tape mounts but would prefer to a fix it to the helmet directly. I was thinking about drilling a couple small holes to bolt the mount to the helmet but I'm afraid it will take away from the integrity of the plastic. I'm using the Giro full face helmet for reference.

Anyone have any suggestions about bomber mounting methods?
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Since I have seen holes drilled in just about every helmet used in motorsports out there, where helmet integrity is usually much more important, I dont think a few small holes will do any harm to your helmet.
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Thx RR - I figured as much, just needed a little feedback to be sure. I will see if anyone else has a different idea, if not I will post some pics up after I have mounted it.
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