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Mad River Glen - MRG

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I am looking to do a clinic up at MRG, i need help with some info. the clinic is on march 8/9, monday/tuesday.

1. what is the snow condition like at MRG this year, the snow god has been stingy in january?

2. how are the trails, specifically moguls trails?

3. some recommendation on logding for one. low to medium price please.

many thanks
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I just saw some great ski & stay packages for Mad River Glen (as a matter of fact, my husband and I are researching going there during the same week!).
Anyway, the following websites are for lodging options that have relatively inexpensive packages. If you don't need a package rate, their nightly rates are still pretty cheap. I don't know what the quality of the lodging is, having never been myself, but at least it's a starting point:



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MRG has accurate snow conditions on their website. March is typically when conditions are best.

MRG has lots of moguls that are well formed by the high ratio of good skiers at the resort versus other places where low level skiers and boarders are sideslipping down the slope.

The cheapest places to stay around MRG are out of the valley and 30 minutes away like the cheap motels on Barre road in Barre. I like the valley and spend a little more to stay locally. The places listed on the post above are good.
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thank you.
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speaking of mad river glen, I'll be there for a race this weekend... hopefully there's some snow. last year it was pretty rocky, and I imagine this year will be much the same. oh well.

the course there is short and pretty terrible, but at least i'll have time to freeski!
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Check out this first hand report:

MRG First Hand Report

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The snow gods have been stingy in jan, but december was plentiful and put down a good base. A foot of new tonight should turn things around real fast!

The hyde away can be a good deal for lodging, depending on what room you want. The Garrison isn't bad for price, but don't expect much. Both are very close.

Moguls are tight, the mountain is consistently steep. Good bumps usually on catamount bowl, lynx, liftline, chute, and grand canyon. These runs are never groomed.

With a solid base down, the tree skiing has been great so far this season.
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