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Need help picking skis

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I don't know much about ski equipment.

I own a pair of Atomic Izor 3:1 Skis...They're way too soft and unstable at high speeds for me now. It's time for an upgrade. I tend to ski on Blue Mountain because I live close to it. The most difficult terrain I've skied on is Tremblant and I didn't have any trouble with most of the double black diamonds. I'm going to Whistler in December which is why I must buy new skis...

I am approx. 165 lbs, 5'10", male, age 25, PSIA level is probably 8. I'd like to find a advanced/expert ski that handles varied terrain with a slight emphasis on moguls, going over bumps, steep terrain, and glades. I also tend to ski for 6+ hours at a time.

I'm looking for a good deal so I'll probably buy models from 2007 or 2006. I'm going to the Toronto Ski Show that starts next week and I must buy a pair of skis.
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I used 07 Salomon X-Wing Blast, 178cm, sidecut 124-76-108, pretty much all last season at Big White in B.C. I'm 6'1", 190 lb., CSIA Level 2 instructor, CSCF Level 1 coach. Did mostly ungroomed bumps, steeps, and groomed terrain to get there. They worked really well on groomed and on ungroomed terrain up to about one foot of snow, and I think they would do well in Ontario too.

They carve really well too. In snow deeper than one foot, the waist tends to sink too much with my weight, but the wide shovel and tail float well.

At your weight, you might be better with the 170cm. length. I demo'd the 07 Tornado, sidecut 127-75-107, on groomed and crud, and I liked it. Its one step towards groomed terrain. The Fury has a 124-85-114 sidecut and is one step towards powder conditions.

All three skis scored very well in the Fall 06 issue of Ski Press mag. Fully adjustable DIN 12 bindings are good - you can move the toe piece and heel piece independently, although I stayed on the boot sole length markings for my 332mm boots.
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I think someone here has a special deal on Tornadoes too.
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