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Weather/snow reports

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Has anybody else noticed increadible variation in internet weather sites? right now, I have my choice of weather reports one is telling me 39 degrees and cloudy, one is saying 34 degrees and snowing, and another says 1-3 inches of snow possilbe. Anybody know where to get a GOOD forcast?
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I look at all of them and try to draw a consensus!
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I don't know anywhere you can find a GOOD forcast, but I do know where you can get a good FORECAST, try: www.snow-forecast.com

Spend some dough and get all the goodies or spend no dough and get the limited forecast. The site is not perfect, but it seemed to be more accurate as to actual mountain conditions than most and it has much more detailed lies than the others. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]


Edit. Doooohhh, site error, now corrected.

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I just pick the one that sounds the most favorable...so in your case i would go with the 1-3" of snow.
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You can try Snowforecast.com.

This is a different site than what is posted above. On the downside, it only covers a limited number of ski areas. On the upside, it is fairly detailed about what it does cover and gives a good discussion of what will (might) happen and why.

Edit: I couldn't spell the stupid website's name correctly.

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EpicSki's Weather Info Page (click here) is always right. (Or at least the satellite photo on the bottom always is.)
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weather.com (play around w/ all the variations of maps, & pound your head against the wall since a needle in a haystack is easier to find than what you want) & accuweather.com (also linked by www.wAEther.com.......trick). Watch them all...trust none beyond 3 days (unless they show lots of snow, in which case you pray they're right). Animated radar on Accuweather is cool. :
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