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SLC Gathering Report: Pics

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Not looking good: forecast

Bring your galoshes.

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I know I've posted this before, but the site you listed looks to be describing valley weather more than mountain weather. Try this instead:

or this:

These two sites are the most accurate ones I've found.
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What altagirl said. altagirl, are you going to be around for any of this?

JD, why so negative about our snow, I've heard no complaints out of the people that I've been hanging out with? Few more inches in the forecast for the weekend.
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Who's negative? I posted a weather report! (You're confusing me with the dour BK, I believe).

It sounded somewhat possible because people reported rain at Alta last week, AND the forecasts have been spot-on for the East. The NOAA reports that altagirl posted are certainly more to my taste.

And some of my all-time favorite ski days were spent in the rain!
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Rather than the weather forecast site you're using, you might try using this:

It's the daily Wasatch Avalanche Bulletin that comes from the National Forest Service avalanche forecasters. They collect all kinds of info from remote stations and then at least one of the forecasters hikes into upper Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon before dawn to get an up-close feel for what's happened in the last 24 hours.

They then report recent snowfall depths around the range (which I trust far more than the "official" reports the resorts put out). They also give a mountain weather forecast that covers the next few days and even an attempt at an extended forecast.

From my own standpoint, this is the *only* snowfall report and weather forecast that is geared specifically to the mountains we all ski. I've found them to be orders of magnitude more accurate in understanding what has occurred and what to expect.

Just a suggestion.

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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
What altagirl said. altagirl, are you going to be around for any of this?

I'm going to be at the Snowbird Steeps Camp Thursday to Sunday. So - I'll be around, but probably kept quite busy. [img]smile.gif[/img] A friend of mine who did the camp last year convinced me that I needed to try it with him this year - I'll let everyone know how it goes on Monday. Sorry I can't do both!
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Originally posted by Bob.Peters:

Rather than the weather forecast site you're using, you might try using this:

We have a guy in Vermont (Jim Roemer), who does forecasting on the websites of Jay Peak and Sugarbush. His reports are aimed at a slightly more mainstream ski audience (and we don't have any need for avalanche warnings), but I like his conversational style. In any case, both are a lot better than "Saturday: chance of precipitation."
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An increasingly moist west-northwest flow aloft will remain over the Wasatch range into tonight. Light precip can be expected during the afternoon hours...with the best threat of any measurable snow late this afternoon and\ this evening. A somewhat drier west-southwest flow Friday will be replaced by a colder Pacific trough late Saturday. This approaching trough does not appear as strong as previously thought...though significant snowfall still a good bet.

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The avalanche guys are saying the today/tonight (Thursday/Friday) storm seems to be losing energy, so right now they're calling it a 4"-8" probability. The one that looks promising is scheduled for Sat/Sun.


As of about an hour ago, Jackson Hole has had 4.5 feet in the last 8 days with moderate to heavy snow forecast for the next four days.

Why am I here?

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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
Who's negative? I posted a weather report! (You're confusing me with the dour BK, I believe).
If you had my luck with snow you would be crabby, too.

Looks like you lucky mofo's are in for a decent storm saturday. I wish you the best of luck with it.
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The opening day of the 2003 Gathering was great. We made turns under bluebird skies and temps in the mid to upper 40s... perfect spring skiing at the end of January. During lunch, I saw many people lounging around the Wildcat deck in their t-shirts -- quite a change from the frigid temps I had experienced for much of the past month back in the Northeast. In spite of Alta's below normal snow totals this year, there was more than enough cover, plus we received 1 - 2 inches overnight.

Afterward, a bunch of us -- including Bob The Builder, WTFH, Altaskier, Inspector Gadget, Bob Peters, LisaMarie & Mark XP, AC, Ryel, Utah49, Mary, Oboe, Bonni, Ryan, Miles, and many others -- headed over to Porcupine's for some apres-ski drinking and noshing.

Unfortunately, today's skiing at Snowbird was, well, less than ideal. We had a wide range of unpleasant conditions, from rock-hard washboard and ice, to rocks, slush, and wind-scour. The tram was closed for much of the day due to high winds, forcing everyone to the chairs. In spite of everything, we had an excellent day of Epicski Brutha and Sistahood. Many people demoed skis from Peter Keelty, and during lunch, everyone was already hashing out possible locations for next year's Academy and Gathering.

We're all hoping that tonight's storm will materialize with the 10 - 16 inches that have been promised us.

And in other news, Gonzostrike, who had PROMISED to attend this year's event, did not materialize, and I lost my $20 bet to Ryan. Thank you, Gonzo.

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You shoulda' skied DV, not bad conditions, and we practically had Stein's Way to ourselves! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Got down the black parts just fine. Had a "yahd sale" with my lunch tray at the cafeteria!
OOPS!!! [img]redface.gif[/img]

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I skied with Endlessseason and a buddy of his today. We were going pretty much mach speed around Mineral, Little Cloud, Emma, and lower Bassackwards. I told them we might run into some Epic peoples. We kept oiur eyes open for bear sightings at the lifts but didn't see any.....

We DID ask for "change for a nickel" a few times as we don't know if there is a bear call. We didn't get any response.

We found some very fun, high-speed stuff today and hope you all had fun as well. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Alta sent me their 6" plus powder alert. Have a blast today bears!
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Skied all am on Peter Keelty's demos. Very interesting expereince. But better, skied all afternoon w/ a gang (pod?) of about 8 Bears, including Bob.P, Mary, AC, hell a bunch of folks. Bob led us all over the mountain, including out the far right shoulder of Mineral where the snow was kinda soft. Conditions were uneven to put it politely. A real pleasure to be able to tag along w/ a group of such talented skiers -- watched some beautiful turns and had a blast.

Enjoy the freshies today, folks! If anyone is coming up to the canyons, give me a shout.
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Posting from back home in Boston - Waahh!!! Had to leave to go to work Monday. And that on the day that we woke up to a powder dump down in the valley at the hotel. Must have been great on the mountain.

I was kinda hoping that Delta would cancel flights and we'd be stuck in SLC for a day more. No such luck.

Had a great, productive, fun time at the Academy and what we were able to attend at the Gathering. More fun than a kid at summer camp!

Enjoy the snow, all you Bears still out there! See ya soon!

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the phantom keeps a low profile [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
the phantom keeps a low profile [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
dont we all
to bad would have been nice to meetcha.
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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
Not looking good: forecast

Bring your galoshes.

Do you think Ullr may not have been amused by this posting? could this be the real reason for the ankle? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

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I'll have you know that the forecast that I posted three days before the Gathering -- the one that altagirl and Bob Peters poopoohed -- was CORRECT.
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Here are some pics from the Gathering. Sorry that I wasn't more prolific in my photo-taking.

Alta: Utah49

Alta: Oboe & Susieski

Snowbasin: BobMc

Porcupine's: Fred, Altaskier, WTFH, Inspector Gadget, Ryan

Porcupine's: Jamesdeluxe, Oboe, Bonni, Utah49

Snowbird: Demo Day

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