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2008 Fischer RX Big Heat 175

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Having a hard time finding anyone who has spent some time on the Big Heats. Any insight would be welcome. dawgcatching's shop has a closeout pair on hold for me and I am heading over his way this weekend. I know what they are designed for and I believe they will fit the bill - at least that is my thought as long as they truly behave as Fischer advertises. My guess is that they would be close in personality to Hellcats???

I have read where they are heavy though and would like some thoughts on what that means while tree sking...etc. As you can tell, I am not techy when it comes to ski gear. Buy a closeout pair every 3rd year type of guy and ski the whole mountain. My favorite is sking in the tight trees. But I have a wife and some daughters who are groomer gals, so I end up spending time there too. I am 5' 11" and 195 and a pretty decent skier except that I am not a bump fan.

I sure would appreciate any insight. Thanks in advance.
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They have a similar general skill set as the Hellcat. Trust Scott, he won't sell 'em to ya if he thinks they are wrong thing.

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I skied them for two days last season. It is a burly ski. It has super edge hold for a wide ride. I skied it in some very iced up off piste conditions in Tahoe and these skis just stayed glued to the snow/ice. I spent two days searching all over Squaw for a few turns that weren't on pure ice. They actually were awesome in these conditions and they handled all that the terrible conditions could dish out, with abosultely no chatter. This says alot becaise I skied several other skis over these two days (head SS's and Fischer RC's and both were better on groomed terrain, but bioth chattereed on the uneven off piste ice).

These skis need to to be driven. They will go where you ask them, but you better not whisper. I was on the 184's and I would imagine that the 174's are easier to manuever than the 184's.

I did find one patch of softer crytalized snow that was posing as powder and I got about ten turns in it and it was steep. This gave the impression that these skis would do well in some fresh snow.

Burly skis, incredible stabilty and edge hold, and wide powerful ride. They rail on groomed terrain as long as you are not looking for anything but GS turns at speed.
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Thanks so much fellas. SierraJim, did you get a chance to ski them?
FYI, I was at a wedding near your shop near the end of summer and picked up some boots from you guys. I am excited to get some new skis to go with them and get more days in this winter. Snow is in the forcast already YES!
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I did but didn't spend much time on them b/c I knew I wasn't going to carry the model. I'm sure that Scott has skied it quite a bit more than I.

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I picked up a pair of 184's from Dawgcatching last season. I have about 12-15 days on them.

Quick comments:

Race feel.
Likes BIG GS turns and SPEED.
Will blast through anything.
If your looking for a floater in powder, look elsewhere.
If your looking for a cascade cement type crud buster, the Big Heat will give you all you need.
Not particularly quick edge to edge.
Lays down trenches on the groomed with absolute rock solid edge hold.

I'm 6' 3", 235 LBS. Former racer.
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