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The 32 Olympics may stump some folks. :
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Michael Milton
Nothing but admiration
it really makes anything we do ------- into the wind
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The DH bronze medal was awarded to Burgl Farbinger from Germany. I did not know that whe refused to accept it.
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Originally posted by disski:
When I first was told I had to rollerblade off season the guys who taught me were from Michaels Sisters shop. They kept telling me that if he & one of the other guys could skate on 1 leg I could do it on 2!
Saw him rollerblading with a group of school kids on the TV just after the Olympics. Great stuff. The kids were rapt aswell
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Nomad - guess whose autograph I got this weekend!

(Sorry - but I had to tell someone who actually knows who I'm talking about. My instructor thinks he's great & was happy for me - he keeps mumbling about seeing MM train slalom...)
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Nobody got it, so I'll tell-

Jimmie Huega was granted a PSIA-W Honorary Full cert in the spring of '83, at our meeting at Alpine Meadows. It was awarded in front of almost 500 instructors. Ironically, I had just been his examiner for Associate that week.

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Ok, so which one was the one that "earned it" AJ and Deb are sporting gold.
In my associate here in the states I had two interesting group members Ellen Post and Suzy Corrock (bronze '72)...this was back when a timed GS was part of the score...had the boys in the pads gunnin' to not get too embarassed!
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Good on ya!
We know where greatness can be found, even if the rest of the thread studiously avoids us.
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Nomad - they're just jealous because he beat their skiers in every alpine discipline [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hmmm well THAT stopped this thread cold, it seems
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Michael was often at Guthega last season, training able-bodied racers. It was funny to watch him setting the course, he had the poles and the drill, and would be going hop hop hop from place to place.
I met him in the base cafeteria at Beaver Creek this season, of all places!
He's an unbelievably strong skiier. His parents' shop is empty now, and the skate/board shop appears to be owned by someone else this season.
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Yep Ant - the race kids were all there grabbing autographs - made me feel a bit out of place - but what the heck - I think he is awesome even if everyone else isn't that impressed!
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I'm VERY impressed. The one thing champions all have in common is incredible mental toughness. Overcoming a disability is huge but becoming a world champion as well is out of sight. :
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