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Ski Trivia ????

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How about a trivia section?
I used to do "trivia" while coaching. It started years ago when I used Franz Klammer as an example and a kid asked "who's that?"
One of my favorites is posted in the "Iowa Bears" thread. Here's a couple more:
Who won gold in the 1960 Olympic DH?
Who won gold in the 1964 Olympic DH? (I asked a Madison(WI) Ski Club member that and he knew the man and had stated in his Gasthaus) :
What skier was SCCA GT1 national champion? (proves to me that being a champion is a state of mind. As well as the crossover between the two sports) Once recently a kid asked "who's that when I told the answer. It's HELL to get old.

Often I used these little "factoids" to spice up my lessons or to illustrate a point.

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Jean Vuarnet won the DH in 1960
Egon Zimmermann won in 64. Penny Pitou came in 2nd in slalom and 2nd in DH. Billy Kidd 2nd, Jimmy Heuga 3rd. Egon Zimmermann and Penny Pitou were married for a few years and ran ski schools in NH. Egon Zimmermann, Jimmy Heuga and Josef Stiegler all have MS. Oh, Pepi Stiegler won the slalom in 64.

edit: correct spelling of Zimmermann

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Don't know if he shortened his last name, but to my knowledge he has always been known as Egon Zimmermann.
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Right you are, my mistake. Egon Zimmermann.
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What's the Olympic record of Toni Sailer? In what year(s)?
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Here is a great site to get videos of some of the greats!

New England Ski Museum

I had a pair of Toni Sailer skiis!!!!
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Hey don't forget it was Anne Heggteveit(sp)from Canada who beat Pitou!
Alright, name the man and female who won the same medal at the Worlds in Portillo '66. Actually she won it, he gave it back! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!
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Originally posted by BillA:
Right you are, my mistake. Egon Zimmermann.
I guess I'm too young, but didn't he change his name to Egon Dylan and sing
"(The answer my friend is) Skiing in the Wind"
"(She skis) Just Like a Woman"?

But seriously, my question...
What skis were Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Marceau on in TWINE? I guess the ski sompany didn't cough up any dough for the flick, cause the skis and bindings were all black, but at one stage you do see the bases.
Anyone know? Cause I'm not sure!

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Oh I like this one better

Who won 4 golds at the 2002 winter paralympics?

(Ok - so I think the guy is awesome!)
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Does anyone know who the SCCA GT1 champ was?

I read several times about the skier who turned out to be a man. Just this year in Ski I believe, but I don't remember either name.(she/he was Austrian)

Who did the cliff jump for James Bond and where?

This is a lot more fun than politics

What other Olympic medals did Pepi Stiegler win?(interesting about all of those skier from the same era with MS) Pepi's daughter, Risi, is training with the development team.
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Toni Sailer won 3 golds at Insbruck in 56.

What skier "hiked" in the Olympic slalom and won?
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Bond...Rick Sylvester, Baffin Island (not Yosemite), fakie flip with half twist while blasting badguys...Robert Young! Every other trick...either Willi B.(cameraman) or Jean Yves.
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Pepi won GS silver in 1960 and slalom Gold in '64.

Flip Point (far skier's right corner of the top of Laramie Bowl at Jackson Hole) was named after Pepi used it to do front and back layout flips *way* back in the late Sixties.

If I'm not mistaken, he was also US Gelande champion for a few years as well as the perennial Nastar Zero Pacesetter when Nastar was in its heyday.

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The 1956 Olympics were held in Cortina, Italy. I believe Andrea Mead Lawrence hiked and still won the Slalom in Oslo in 1952.
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Erika Scheidegger (sp) won the women's downhill in Portillo in the 1966 world championships. Erik Scheidegger gave the medal back after his sex change operation.
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I believe it was Phil Mahre who was the SCCA GT1 champ.

Who fell in a "modern" Olympic GS, and still won?


And since we love to beat ourselves up about ski equipment-

Who won the men's 1972 Olympic GS, how tall was he, and what size ski did he win on?


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OOPS on Cortina [img]redface.gif[/img]
Vail snopro
Right on Phil. Steve took 3rd in an identical car. Both cars were sponsered by K2 skis and Lange boots. I talked to Phil a few years ago in Marquette MI. He says "motorsports are his main thing now". He's trying to line up serious backing for a pro roadrace car. He rules out open wheel because of the exposure to the legs.
Was it Stenmark at Lake Placid that "fell"(put a hand in the snow and popped back up)?
I don't know about 72 but Heine Hemmi was GS champ in 76. He was about 5ft 2in and skied on 210s or 213s.
Didn't Pepi also medal in 56?(a bronze in slalom I think) I seem to remember noting once that he had medaled in 3 Olympics.
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I knew it was Sylvester, I thought Baffin but wasn't positive. Didn't Sylvester do his first cliff jump at Yosemite?
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10-4, he took one skydiving lesson and then El Capitan. He had release straps from his heel pieces taped to his legs. When he finally landed in a 40 ft. tree and hiked out, the boys caught up to him on a camp ground road and told him, "We forgot the lense cap on the main camera!" Rick collected his stuff from all over, hiked back up and did it again!!
Ok on ski "movie" trivia...Hotdog....who skied through the lodge and out the window? His sister was an olympian!
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Originally posted by disski:
Oh I like this one better

Who won 4 golds at the 2002 winter paralympics?

(Ok - so I think the guy is awesome!)
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I thought VSP was talking Hemmi too! Who got the one way back home in '72 and had the biggest homecoming since Uncle Adolf?
Who is the only Yank to win gold in Kitz? And who holds the unofficial record down the wall at Tuck's? These are getting easy...let's up the ante with some real mogul minuscae! (like how to spell that last word!)

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You are both right- got my dates screwed around-. I was thinking Hemmi. How could such a small guy rip such a huge board?


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Robin, are you referring to Karl Shranz? [sp?] Or was his time much earlier. So my question: In which Olympic years did Karl Shranz compete, and how did his career end?

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Fox hat--

My ex has an all black pair of skis and they are Head skis. His Dad bought them years ago, and they were a special run. His Dad died, but he still has the skis. He says they ski more like todays skis than the traditional skis. I think they're 210's. Want to buy em? He'd probably sell them. They are awesome! :

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Bingo! Karly Shranz ist correct! He went mano a mano with JCK in Grenoble in '68...controversy about his missing a gate on a foggy SL course...the first full length course TV coverage (courtesy of Dick Barrymore)settled it! Killy wins, Karl DQ's.
Then came Sapparo...shoulda never had that itty bitty "star" on his helmet....Brundage was a nazi!
Next two norteamericanos who had men's DH WC wins taken away....days the Euro's....and why!

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Originally posted by Robin:
Who is the only Yank to win gold in Kitz? And who holds the unofficial record down the wall at Tuck's?
Toni Matt was fastest in 'The Inferno' (1939?), but I don't know why it's unofficial. I don't know which Yank won in Kitz--Todd Brooker did in 1982, I think, but that doesn't count...
And AJ Kitt has had more than one win stolen by the FIS (twice in Aspen, I think, and once they actually gave him the trophy and prize money anyway), but I can't think of another guy. Maybe Mullen once?
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Hey, maybe it was official...just never really been duplicated! Toni Matt it is!
AJ was one...the other Ken Read, new executive director of Alpine Canada. Ken had two DH's stripped after it was determined his suit was not FIS breathable! All suits were immediately confiscated...mine too! And, although I don't know for certain, I would guess there were a few heads on the wax room floor!
And yer right...until ya annex us...we'll keep Brook!
Oooops! Oh yeah, the Yank at Kitz...Buddy Werner, combined!

Hey Norje....who was awarded (but I think refused to accept) the bronze from DH after Erik gave back the gold?

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Ok Robin-

What Amaerican Olympic Medalist was granted an Honorary FULL CERT from PSIA_W?

What other American Gold medalist earned their's the hard way?


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Originally posted by nomad:
Michael Milton
Nothing but admiration
it really makes anything we do ------- into the wind
Yep - sure does

When I first was told I had to rollerblade off season the guys who taught me were from Michaels Sisters shop. They kept telling me that if he & one of the other guys could skate on 1 leg I could do it on 2!

One of my instructors(a race coach) describes him going through gates as MAGIC!

Fully in awe - just amazing!
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AJ Kitt, West. Naw, I think he earned his...ok, MM Lawrence...howz that for a guess! Deb Armstrong (the best!) outta Taos (was a UNM coach for George Brooks), also took her level I,II &III with some of my folks in AF! Now she has her TA! If anybody has a chance to go make some turns with her...what a genuine talent and person!! Zero ego!
When we inducted Deb into the New Mexico hall of fame, she was intending to go back to Washington, until of course Chris Stagg worked her over during dinner. She gave a speech, sat down then ran back to the podium, reached down, pulled up her pant leg and yanked a gold medal out from her sock! "Oh yeah, I brought this with me, in case someone wanted to see one!" She had no pockets in her pants suit!!! What a doll!
Which site was originally constructed to accomodate the '32 winter games in the US...but was determined not to have sufficient snow and the games were given to Lake Placid. Hint Alf Engen broke a nordic jumping record there and a run's name still holds a clue to it's original purpose!

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