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Freaky Ski Accident

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I've been working in a doctor's office over my winter break and we had a really scary ski accident come in. I'm not sure how good a skier the guy was or how he fell but somehow one of his skis ended up impaling his thigh. The ski tip actually made contact with his femur. This guy won't be bearing weight for several months and had the ski hit his femoral artery he would of bled out on the hill. It's just another reminder that there are a lot of ways our favorite sport can come back to bite us.
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Indeed scary.

It sounds like you probably wouldn't have heard about this aspect of his accident, but any idea how long his skis were? Anything unusual about his rig (eg, leashes instead of brakes, etc.)?

Tom / PM
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My brother actually did the same thing about ten years ago. Naturally his skis were quite long as this was the old days. The cut didn't go all the way to the bone but it was a nasty cut very near his crotch, and he lost lots of blood. I saw the fall but have no idea how the actual cut occured.
As you say, anything is possible.
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About a month ago, a backcountry skier was coming down a slope on Teton Pass at Jackson Hole. He somehow broke a pole (carbon shaft) at the start of a fall and then impaled his thigh with the jagged end of the pole. It severed his femoral artery.

He was a couple of hundred vertical feet above his friends when he fell and they knew he was in trouble immediately. In the 5-10 minutes it took them to scramble up to him, he bled to death.

What a horrible experience.

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Last year my neighbor, an expert skier, fell his skis came off he landed on newly sharpened edges that cut through layers of clothing not sure of the number if stitches but he has an impressive scar about 8 inches long. Took him quite a awhile to recover.
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I once had a wipe out jumping over a ledge into moguls. I lost my ski and made a nice cut in my ski pants w/ my edges. Guess I got lucky not having carved my meat
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Could accidents like this have something to do with the advent of stunted shovels and the use of rubber tips? Seems every year the shovels get shorter and they come out with crazier tips.
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Found out a little more today, it was infact his edge that cut him and not his tip. A six inch cut 4-5 inches above the knee. It actually severed the vastus medialis muscle in his quad. I don't know how long his skis were but they were new skis for christmas, guess it will be a while until he uses them again.
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