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Who's tried the Fischer Misfit?

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I'm looking for somethign a little wider than the rest of my skis. I ski almost exclusively here in BC, mostly in the Okanagan. How does it do in moderate BC powder? How is the overall feel of the ski?

My favourite ski to ride is my Line Assassin Pro MTX's (with custom clear topsheets... sexiest looking ski ever made).

I'm a 9/10 skier, ski very hard and lots of days each year. I spend most of my time in the bumps, trees, ungroomed areas... like to rip through untracked chutes hidden in the trees... I still enjoy hitting the a groomer here and there (ex-racer), but atleast 80% of my time is spent in the ungroomed areas.

Any input is appreciated.
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The Misfit is the same ski as the old Fischer Atua. The Atua came in only one size (186) and the misfits come in three sizes. I own the Atua's and they are wonderful skis. They are soft enough to float and bounce well in soft snow, but they also rail/carve quite well on harder terrain. They are solid crud busters , but they are definitely not ultra stiff skis. Egge hold is excellent for a 96mm waisted. They are reasonably forgiving but will perform well when driven. Solid sandwich contsruction without lots of metal.
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As Hedgedskier says, the Atua is the same ski. Do a search and you will find lots of comments on the Atua (186cm) ski. I've taken my Atuas up to Whistler and it's a great ski for just about any kind of snow condition. Skied 'em in boot top to arm pits and it's all good.
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You can look for some of my old Atua posts as well- very good and versatile ski for most off piste conditions although something narrower might be quicker edge to edge in hard bumps and something wider might be better for bottomless days (but the Misfit might be all you need if you mount it back and/or are smaller than me/190 lbs)
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I also ski the Atua/Misfit and agree with the above posters. I find that they do well in all conditions, but really excel in heavier crud. I'm amazed by how sure and smooth they ski in those conditions.
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TRAMDOCK ALERT: these are up NOW for $254, 177 and 182 lengths.
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I also found they skied heavy/wet powder well. Full TT skis short which is why the 186 is most popular.
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