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May hook up with Nobody again this year, hope to...
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Mt. Bohemia's got a bunch of snow and Ima gonna get me some of it!
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I just booked my first trip out west in 16 years and my first trip to Vail ever. Pair that with my new Jet Fuel's and I an STOKED!
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I just realized I'll be getting my new boots (Lange Freeride 130s) just about the same time as my Bros! Kick ass!
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The following is a posting by Pat from the PM Gear website forums...

183s Arriving Tomorrow 12/30
by splat on Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:44 pm

Well, they're supposed to, anyways. We paid extra for a guaranteed delivery date.
Hopefully, UPS air freight can keep that promise.
Thanks to all who waited.
We'll ship like crazy to get them to you ASAP.
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I just booked a day with Powder Cats out in Utah. They said they can't go too steep, because it is quite simply so deep
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