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What's got you stoked?

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For me, it's that my new BRO 183s are getting closer by the day... So what's got you stoked?
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The feel of winter in the air and promise of snow to come.
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Shorter day light hours, fall air, new skis, season pass already purchased, spending more time on epic than i should, orange leaves, tramdock sending me to the poor house, frost on the ground and car windows iced over yesterday, predictions of a half way decent winter in the northeast, you name it.
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Major stoke this year. Looking forward to using all the new toys and planning a bunch of small road trips. Hope to meet up with fellow mags along the way and ripper good.

Let it snow, let it snow
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I finally decided to rent a place 15 minutes away from Taos Ski Valley, instead of the 3 hours away that I am right now. I predict many, many first chairs this winter
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I've picked out my new ski outfit, likely to receive in the next 2 weeks. My pass arrived. I'm heading to the mountains today with a stash of food for the condo. The early openers are making snow. There's a chill in the air. The leaves are falling. I'm hearing the word snow in the forecast for Denver.
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Yeh shorter days and cool nights I can feel it coming, headin down to Canaan Valley for the weekend, a good deal on a pair of barely used Nomad Crimsons just fell into my lap, I'm gettin stoked .
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Bored with everything else in life.

Hoping my kid's far enough along to be able to hack overnight one-day trips. He's been skiing easy blues for a year or two but hasn't really had the stamina to ski all day at a resort yet.

Hoping to do some demoing and maybe add one pair to the quiver either mid-season or preseason next year.

Maybe take a clinic early season and plant the seed of trying to get a little better this year.
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KPI’s demonstrating the bottom is in sight with panic selling subsiding along with more pronouncing the market is oversold. World Wide market better coordinated moving slightly higher after Fed Reserve and other leading banks cut interest rates. Fed leveraging rescue package provision and aggressively examining pushing cash for stock ownership with some troubled banks. IBM posting a positive 3rd quarter meeting expectations and extends their positive full-year forecast. Two new pairs of 08/09 skis arrived at the front door yesterday after both our warranty exchange requests honored.. ..muy stoked
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The projected weather at Alta. It's supposed to snow for the next 7 days, which I hope will be the start of a great ski base there. The snow from last year finally disappeared the beginning of september. We had one snow fall in the middle of the month but it melted. This should stay.

Slight Chc
Hi 41°FTonight

Lo 26°FFriday

Hi 29°FFriday

Lo 25°FSaturday


Hi 28°FSaturday


Lo 12°FSunday


Hi 21°FSunday

Lo 15°FColumbus
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Originally Posted by DoWork View Post
So what's got you stoked?
Frost on the grass.

Oh yeah, great mountain biking weather!
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All possibilities!
Reconnecting with old ski house mates and making friends with new ones.

2009 Gotamas for $550, Jesters for $219.00
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Snow in JH right now!!!

Attachment 3925
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My wife only wants a Coach purse to get over me buying new ski boots. The down side is the purse costs almost as much as the boots!

Taking my daughter out this weekend to look at boots.

I got enough people signed up in the ski club to get a season's pass for free.
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Gatherings have me stoked. Just can't wait to ski with Bears in Jackson FKN Hole, and rip the bumps at Mary Jane at Bumpapalooza! Not to mention Contractor's Day, Michigan GTG and hopefully Bumpfest.
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Praxis, low sun angle, shorter days, fall colors, salmon running, getting colder, Santa comming.
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More snow in the alpine along the Coast Range here in BC.

Lots of new skis to get out on in the quiver.

A couple weeks on the road in early December to do some demos across BC and the Rockies.
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Changing leaves
Crisp air
Wine tasting
The holidays
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The new boots that I bought last weekend.
Snow at Stowe last week.
Longer, cooler nights.........
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This sweet little redhead named Jessica...oh wait, you said stoked?

[Emily Littella] That's different. ... Never mind. [/Emily Littella]
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Waking up and seeing snow on the mountains.
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Originally Posted by L&AirC View Post
My wife only wants a Coach purse to get over me buying new ski boots. The down side is the purse costs almost as much as the boots!
Knock offs on Ebay.
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THAT right there.

Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post

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What's getting me stoked is knowing i'm working a couple doubles this weekend and therefore will be buying my season passes next week. I think the Colorado Pass and a weekday Loveland pass will suffice for my first season in Colorado.
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The air is getting cold, a dusting of snow in the mountains!
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Used to be driving down the highway and seeing snow guns blasting the local dump.
Now it is the first really crisp morning, putting on the newer boots for an hour or two to check and see if anything needs an exacto knife---duct tape adjustment.
Pro boot fitters going

Ahh, that feels better

Now play with the gear until November then start checking the webcams
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It's snowing at Tahoe...right now! This is my backyard in Truckee at 6500' (The garden is done...look at those sad, sagging plants).

First snow at my house gets me stoked.
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Originally Posted by DoWork View Post
So what's got you stoked?
The snow the mountains got last weekend.
The snow the mountains are going to get tomorrow/this weekend
My new FAT powder skis
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Originally Posted by DoWork View Post
For me, it's that my new BRO 183s are getting closer by the day... So what's got you stoked?
I'm not sure if you saw my post over at PMGear's site, but thought you might be interested:
Estimated 183 shipping date

by JayPowHound on Sun Oct 05, 2008 7:40 pm
I think that the word was October when the pre-order info first came out for this years 183's... is this still a possibility? Thanks again for all you do!

Re: Estimated 183 shipping date

by splat on Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:14 am
Close, but we're running just a little late. I talked to the factory a week ago and they said they'd be done with them the first week of November. I told them they need to go faster. They said they'd try to. Unfortunately, we then have to wait for them to clear Customs, which takes about 10 days, based on last years performance.

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The "welcome aboard" message on my answering machine from the Breckenridge Ski & Ride School employment coordinator.

After 38 years of having my ski hill end just after the lifts disappeared over the first ridge visible from the base, I'll finally be skiing all winter in real mountains.
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