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Streaming Video Capture?

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Anybody have any experience trying to capture streaming video off the computer? Some of the World Cup racing offered on the web would be great to be able to capture and then import into Premiere so I can use it for intructor movement analysis clinics up on the hill.

Anybody try Camtasia or anything similar to accomplish this?
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It would depend on the format that the streaming video is being "pushed" with. If it's just an avi or mpg file and a fast server, you would just download it to your local machine. If it's an real media format and you can get access to the original RM file not just the header, I think premier would convert the format too. This would be much better than trying to "capture" the video as there would be some degradiation of the image in a "capture" Dont forget about copywrite stuff.
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When creating streaming media, the producer can choose a setting which blocks you from recording the stream (at least in realproducer) I'd imagine the others have a similar setting.
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I don't have a problem with downloadable files (such as .avi's and .mpg's), its the live streaming kind that are the issue - I have a program now that is supposed to do direct captures from the screen, just can't get it to work yet - but thanks for the advice guys!
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