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Adjustable bindings

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I would like to get some line skis this year, and they always come flat. I would like to get an adjustable binding like the fluid binding on Dynastar..I love those bindings, but cannot find any used, or available..What is your opinion on what is left to use..Tyrolia railflex is the only one I come up with..If I were to use Tyrolia which one would you recommend . Are there others, and what would you recommend..Anything in the 4-12 area is fine..


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I have Tyrolia railflex HD14s on my im77 Monsters and find them very easy to remove for travel and adjust forward,center & back.
Can't comment on any others but I was thinking of getting some longer,wider skis e.g Line Prophet 100's and adding a railflex plate so I could swap bindings over. Why bother? Helps with the packing as I always ski OS.
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Any idea where the best prices are?
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I live in Oz so everything ski related is expensive so I can't help you out there. However, i actually purchased mine from dawgcatching together with my Monsters and was stoked with the service and price. You could shoot him a PM
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Hey Lee, do a quick google search for "tyrolia railflex bindings" and you'll find some used for less than $100, and new for about $150-200
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Bumping this thread.

I will be mounting some railflex on LeeX's skis. I am not really familiar with the series though, what should I be looking at?

Is an LD 12 appropriate?
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I've been very happy with several pair of the Railflex bindings but we have not stressed them off piste.
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Can't help out much regarding LD or HD other than I was iniitially getting the LD on my skis but dawg offered the HD for a few extra bucks and I thought why not. It might come down to your weight and how agressively you ski. I'm 100kgs or 220lbs in ye olde talk. I've put mine through some heavy work off piste with no worries. In one situation I broke a ski but no problems with binding.
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I know of some Salomon S900E Metal bindings, I can send them up Kyles way but will need payment tomorrow, they are at our consignment sale.
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I actually looked at those PX12, and thought about buying, but the guy at level nine siad he would go wiith the LD 12.I figured he knew more than me so I got those.

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Thats a lot of demo junk under that binding. I think you can get adjustability w/on going that far.
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