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Flying with Skis and boots

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Im looking on advice on how to pack for an upcomong trip to seattle via American Airlines.
If im reading this right one ski bag and one boot bag will be treated as one piece of luggage subject to the fee for checked luggege.
It states one pair skis (see below) and one pair boots only !
It does not even mention poles.
I planed on using my outer wear (bibs,coat,and layers to pack around my skis,
Im wondering if this is OK or if they will try to nit pick me .
even with my helmet packed in also it barely weights 30#
my boot bag with other gear inside is 14"X14"x14" and should be OK for carry on as the combined H X W X L is less than the 45" allowed
Any thoughts ?

Skis Water / SnowOne pair of skis and one bag containing a pair of ski boots onlyTwo pieces - Ski boot bag and one pair of skis are charged the applicable checked bag fee for the 1st or 2nd checked bag. When in excess, each item will be subject to the baggage fee for a single piece. - Ski boot bag up to 50 lbs. and 62 inches
- One pair of skis up to 115 inches- Lighters or torches for applying ski wax are considered dangerous goods and are not allowed in checked or carry-on baggage
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I haven't flown to ski for 15 years, but if I did I would seriously consider shipping at least my skis via FedEx to wherever I was staying.
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I've seen vacations get messed up because skis, boots & similar ilk get bumped. Call the concierge and arrange to have your skis shipped in advance by at least three days.

Maybe call a local shop and see if they will receive them- just tell the shop you'd like a stone grind or premium tune or something like that when they arrive.

Always bring your boots as a carry on.
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I have always packed gear like ski socks, long underwear, etc., around my skis and poles in a ski bag. I use my boot bag as my carry on and that also has helmet, goggles, gloves... I would look at the price difference between Fedexing and checking the ski bag. Fedexing is probably easier because you won't have to do any schlepping and they should just be waiting for you at your hotel or condo.

I did once have a checked pair go to Vail while I went to Montana. I just rented demos for 2 days until my skis showed up. AA reimbursed me for the rentals and it was not much of a hassle.
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1. Many airlines, including American, now charge each way per extra bag. See http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...464#post969571

2. Take your boots with you if possible as carry-on. They're the one thing (or two things) you don't want to have to rent or replace, even for a day.

3. TSA now frowns upon packing lots of clothes around your skis.
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Thanks for the replys,This trip will happen in Feb. so I have time to figure something out.
I will be traveling into Denver VIA Amtrak in Dec. so luggage is not an issue on that trip.
My Feb trip will only involve 3 or so days of skiing and the rest visiting family (some skiers).
we will spend several days at Timberline Lodge in OR and if my skis get lost it will not be a big deal as I willl rent as I did before I owned my own Skis.
My boots however would be a different matter, thats why I will not check them.
If I would have realized the airlines would start charging for checked luggage I probably would have never bought my own Skis as any Ski trip I take will involve Air or rail travel.
Their is a certain pride in owning your on gear even if you only use them 10-12 days a year
Looks like to use Fedex it will cost about $100 RT and $30 RT to check with American.
My main concern was/is how much I could stash in my ski bag and not be charged extra, My bag will hold 4 pair and looks pretty poor with only 1 pair in it
I dont mind paying the $30 but just dont see it being worth $100
I will still have to rent for my kids so I may well leave my Skis home for this trip.
O well I will think of something!!!
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