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happy birthday Pierre

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happy birthday
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Happy Birthday sir!
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Pierre eh?

Happy birthday! I hope to meet and ski behind you someday.
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Yur lookin long in da toot, eh?
Ven you tink yu'll be oop nort?

hava gud un, eh?!
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Hey Pierre - Happy Happy birthday!

Many happy turns.
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Have a great day Pierre! I hope to see you soon
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Happy Birthday Pierre!!!!

May this up-coming year year bring you fair seas!
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Another birthday? Pretty soon you'll be as old as you look
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Happy B-day Pierre. Cirque has been at 7S the last 2 Christmas holidays, maybe you should come over and cruise. eh?
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Hey old friend, and fellow Libra. Also the very first Bear I had the opportunity to meet and ski with. Hope you had a great day and new ideas aplenty.
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Well, I will take the happy birthdays but my birthday isn't until Nov 8th.
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Way to be J, what are you on today? In to Bonni's pills again hey?

Well, have a nice day anyways Kurt.
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I believe he's on this from the bottom of the main forums page (should be according to the data Pierre entered):

Today's Birthdays Pierre, snowbrained, mchase83 (25)

Pierre, check your profile. You don't fill out your taxes that lax do ya?
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Congrats Pierre.
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It's difficult to face another birthday Pierre? Eh? . Trying to stay young until November? Oh well, it will come soon enough.

Have a good one, Kurt.

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Happy Belated birthday
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