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Boot advise for Off Piste skiing

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I need some advice. Im in the market for new boots. Currently I am sking on a Dolomite Sintesi 6.5S, which has only an 80 flex on either my Solomon 1080 Guns for the POW and out west and My Atomic SX11 for here in the east when there is no POW. I love sking in the trees and hitting moguls while carving at high speed on the steeper stuff when tired. Do you have a suggestion for a boot to try. I wear a 26.5 and believe that I tend to like a 100mm wide boot. At first I tried the Solomon Impact 10 but found them to be a little less comfortable then the Atomic Hawk 100 which I found much more compfy. I tend to have a wider foot. I wear a size 10 shooe but measure an 8.5 wide which I find a bit tight. Ive been sking at least 20 years and tend to spend about 10 days out west and 15-20 days in the East. Lots of tree skiing and some hiking. Any thoughts or advise.
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There is not nearly enough information here to get started with a recommendation. Why do you wear a 10 when you measure an 8.5? What is the actual width of your foot? Is your instep high or low? You measure an 8.5 and use a 26 which is almost certainly too long, why? Is your ankle narrow or wide? Etc.

If you are trying on boots and looking for comfort off the shelf then you will almost certainly end up in a boot that is too large to ski well. Also I would add that you don't need us.

A more common approach here would be to evaluate your foot, your skiing likes/dislikes etc and then bring out a boot that can be made to work well with the modifications necessary to make it comfortable in the correct size.

Also I'll add that 80 flex is considered soft by many men but you don't say your gender. We need much more information and for us to really help well you'll need to use an approach that utilizes someone to modify boots rather than just trying on for comfort.

We'll be here.

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More Info

Here is a little more information to help with my question:

To start, Im a 33 y.o. man. I have been sking around 20days a year for the last 20 years with a few years in there I did not get out as much due to being a poor college student.

My foot measures about an 8.5ee and I findI am most comfortable in a 10 sneaker because I have a wide foot. My foot measures a 26.5 for a ski boot. I have a normal insteap. I have a normal ankle. I am currently using a Dolomite 6.5 Sinusi boot in a size 27, which is way too big. I have tried on the 26.5 and have a little room and a 26 just seems too small for along day skiing with some off piste hiking.

I don't want a boot that is too big but nothing is gained by going too small either. My current boot

I m a pretty aggressive skier, I m very good on any black diamond, and pretty good on any double black. I can ski with anyone and like the trees and Moguls best. I love the POW. Ski at JayPeak and Sugarbush with 6-12 dats out west in either Utah or B.C. whistler and interior.

The thre boots that I am most interest in are the:

Solomon impact 10. Great boot, just find that the design tends to be very straight throughout the foot. It is 100mm widewhichI think I need.

Atomic Hawk 100 Seem to be the most comfortable, but I am concernedabout this boot being a novelty boot. I am also afraid that it may be a wierd boot which may not serveme best.

Diabello krypton Love the concept of this boot just worried about the 98 mm width and afraid it maybe too flexable?

Any other info needed: Any advise is welcome
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if your foot measures 26.5 on a brannock measurer you will probably find that even the 26.5 in certain models is too big

classic example is a client i saw last week, he measured 28.5 on the brannock he was skiing in an old nordica beast [28.5] which had around 35+mm behind the heel, in the atomic M 100 in the same size he had 25mm and in the m100 in the 27.5 he had 15mm

it is so variable from make to model size to size, as Lou has said, if you want to do this properly then get to a recomended boot fitter and let them help you select the correct model/size

good luck
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Hi Martinojon,

One More bootfitter chiming in---

Mom told you as a kid that if your toes touch inside the shoe the shoe is to short---true in shoes---not true in ski boots.

You must shell size to find out if the boot will fit after it is broken in. If it is cushy it will be to big in just a little skiing.

Pull the liner out of the shell you want to try on--put your foot into the shell with your toes just touching the front of the shell.

If the boot is going to fit it should have about 10 to 15 mm open space behind your heel inside the boot. Put that boot back together and You can get an idea of how it will feel after the liner is molded by pushing your knee forward and down--you should notice your toes are no longer being pushed.

Beyond this there is a ton of set up items to look at that will help you to ski better. For those you will need to find a good boot fitter. There is a list on this site.

Good luck

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Advice from CEM and Miketsc is right on and beyond that I'm still a little confused. An 8 1/2 Brannock would typically measure 25 in Mondo and 26/26.5 Mondo boot are the same shell so in terms of toe length would be identical. Very slight variation in overall volume that would disappear in first day or two of skiing.

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even more info

I spend some time at a local ski shop today and tried on a few more boots. I was remeasured and found to have a 8.5 ee to eee foot, and a 26.5 when I was measured on the mondo scale. Im fairly comfortable thatthis is the correct size and realize that my 27 dolomite sintusi is way too big....

I tried the Dabello Axion with the 70 flex, which I beleive is too soft and found that it was not comfortable. The toe box was simply too small.

I also tried the Nortica Supercharger Flash, which I found quite comfortable out of the box. My concern is that I am afraid that this is not enough boot for my skiing ability and I dont want it to hold me back.

Here is where I am at, I think I have dumped the Dabello because I need at least 100mm under my forefoot and found the Axion to be a bit uncomfortable despite the 101mm under forefoot.

I find the atomic Hawk 100 to be most comfortable. but, I am a bit concerned about this being a novelty boot and did not like part of this review

http://www.footloosesports.com/revie...e.php?prid=362 Especially the "over the handlebars feel part"

Finally, the Solomon Impact 10 which I think with a little bit of boot work could be the right boot and would love to learn more about.

Any thoughts?
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Any thoughts?
yep, find the best boot fitter you can and trust them with your feet

don't mean to sound off but you have given a list of boots which you have tried...what did the fitter say? was it a fitter or a salesperson?

you have a wide foot and sound like you need some work to be done on whatever boot you have to get the best fit, please do your feet a favour and seek out the best fitter you can find
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By way of follow up.  I found a great boot fitter.  Ski Stop in Westwood MA.  THe owner, Phil is awesome.  I never mess with my boots anymore.  They are perfect!  Check out http://www.skistopmass.com/
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Burgman (phil) posts on here

good news and enjoy them
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Hey Martinojon,
Glad all went well skiing. Skiing is much more enjoyable when boots fit correctly. Think Snow......

Phil (Ski Stop)
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