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ski review

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thinking of purchasing monster 78's and putting a marker baron binding on them to do some touring. I ski about 30 days a year (mostly in the east) I'm 6-2 and 195 lbs. I would be doing 90% of my skiing on the front side and would like a ski that can do alittle of everything. Any advice would be helpful.
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The Monster 78 is a great ski! if you live in the east, it could be all you need. If you are thinking of the Baron, you must be going off trail a lot. I would consider the Monster 82. It still holds well on ice, but will give you the float you want if it gets deeper.
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monster 78

thanks for the input. do you think the 82 would still work in the bumps
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check out dawgcatching's review of both skis. IIRC, he states that they ski quite differently, with the edge going to the 78. I bought them primarily based off of his recommendation, and love thm. Very damp ski. I think it's a great one ski quiver, especially for the east.
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