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Deals for trip skiers

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All this talk about the ski passes has me thinking about my upcoming (1st) trip to colorado this coming march for skiing with the wife.

We're flying into denver and going to spend a week visiting family and skiing as much as we can. My cousin's husband boards a lot and I know he'll be with us for at least a day or two but I was wondering if there are any passes that would save us $ in the long run over buying day lift tickets at each resort. We'd like to try out a few different resorts to get the full Colorado ski experience but have no knowledge as to where to avoid and or definitely hit. The plan is for 4-5 days of skiing as of now.

Suggestions please
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Ask your cousins husband if there are any 2 for 1 coupons floating around at various Denver businesses that time of year as none of the pass options would save you much with the possible exception of the Abasin bonus pass and even then that would only work if you skied 5 days at Vail/Breck/Abasin/Keystone/Beaver Creek.

Even at 5 days that pass would still be $76 dollars a day times two. Denver locals will probably chime in as I know in the past you could pick up 2 for 1 coupons at a few Denver businesses and discounts saving a few bucks at King Soopers grocery stores.
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Loveland 4 paks sell for $119 through 23 Nov from their website.

Interesting stuff comes up on Ebay around that time.
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