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Skiing in Bavaria, 1942

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Learning to Ski By the Book
By Ott Gangl -- all photos (c) copyrighted

Ott Gangl is retired as a PSIA Level-3 ski instructor after 25 years of teaching four times a week. He was a photojournalist for 35 years and his web site ( ) displays many of the classic images he has captured on film.


40 years ago, January 2, 1962, my friend Hans decided he wants to ski, so he goes to the store to fit himself out in the latest and best, get a book and learn to ski better than 97% of the skiers on the hill.

He read that he has to bend the skis so the salesman will think he know what he is doing.

The salesman said the skis are SUPPOSED to be bent.

He needs some boots too.

The stretch pants are real girl pleasers.

The poles seem to be just right...

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All the other customers approve

Headgear for when it's warm..

...and a mask for those cold days.

Some goggles...

A snazzy jacket too.

See part three

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At home with a cozy fire and Fritzi, his better half watching, he'll learn how to ski.

THE BOOK said to lean forward...

...but keep your back straight :

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Ready in the lodge with friends...

...picking out the trophy he is going to win.


I hope you enjoy this little tale from the past.

Once the snow flies, I'll tell you a Sigi story


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Ott, you're a star!
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THE BEST THREAD YET! But Ott--don't leave us hanging. I can hardly wait for the next episode, in which Hans encounters the slippery slope....

I will stay tuned!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

Edit--wait! When I posted this message, the very last photograph of Hans on the snow had not appeared. I didn't see it until I was "returned to the thread." I guess Hans has met the mountain....


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Thanks Ott, your the best! BTW I tried to share your first Sigi story with a co-worker but could not find it: can you point me in the right direction?
thanks again
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They really knew how to crash back then.
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Ott, thats great , do you ever feel like you have us fish dangling on the hook?
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ryel, I didn't save the Sigi stories, maybe AC can dig them up, sorry.

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SCSA, I figured you'd catch that. [img]smile.gif[/img]

...Ott, almost 57% there...
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Ott and Ryel--I have a saved copy of the Sigi threads. I can e-mail them to you if AC doesn'f find them in the archives.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

Edit--never mind--found them--see below.

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On the other hand, here are a couple of the threads with Sigi the Fox:

Rodeln with Sigi

Sigi, the fox, where?

By the way, Ott--what exactly does "Rodeln" mean?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Ott, fantastic -- thanks!

The threads Bob listed have all the sigis stories, the second one (in Bob's post above) has several of them.
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Bob, "Rodeln" means sledding on a RODELbahn(=a track especially for rodeln) or sledding with a "Rodel Schlitten" , a larger sled with bent up runners holding from one to four people.

Most European ski areas have a Rodelbahn, a cat track, criss-crossing the skis slopes with under or over passes, but sometime just crossing them like a cat track over here, with warning signs for both skiers and rodelers. You either bring your own rodelschlitten or rent one at the area, it's a wonderful break from skiing. The Rodelbahn in Lech is several miles long and it takes a half hour to come down. Bring your fur blankets to keep warm.

The one I referred to in the Sigi story was for one person lying on it or two persons sitting on it. Every kid had one.

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Ott Gangl, :
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Slider, back then? Heck, I might very well duplicate either of those crash styles on a good day .

Ott, thanks again. Keep the Sigi stories coming.
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BobT,you might have a few more crashes than me but I beleive that I can hold a candle to most. I prefer the eggbeater,yardsale over the headplant torpedo. Lost a ski once for a few hours but finally found it. I hate when that happens.
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Thanks Ott that was great fun. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ott, that was great. You know we're hanging on for more.

Can't wait to hear more about Sigi, too.
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Ott, that was great!! I thought i'd already seen everything this forum has to offer! Can't wait for the next one

Slider, great pic I'd be proud to crash like that!
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What am I doing wrong? I can't open the pictures.
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not doing anything wrong, Ott is experiencing a little "Technical difficulty" with his ISP. Please stand by.
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lucky, I was just notified by my internet provider that the server that stores my web site is down and that they are working on it. As soon as the server comes back on line the pictures will be available again.

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I can see them now Ott. Thanks. What time period are they from? They look like some of my friends that started skiing in the mid-50s.
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Lucky, as it states above the first picture, they were shot on Jan 2, 1962, so they are a couple of month shy of forty years.

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Great Stuff!!
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