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ZIPFIT Question

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For those of you who may have some knowledge of Zipfit liners:

Which model should I look to for replacement of my Salomon Falcon 10 liners? Grand Prix or World Cup? I don't have any particular fit issues I am looking to address. I was pretty happy with the volume of the stock liner, so I am looking to get as close to that as possible. Thanks in advance.

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In general the Falcon is a lower volume shell. That is only relative to the volume of your foot. The main issue will be how much room do you have in the shell. The best way to answer your question would be to go into a shop that has both models in your size and try the boots on with each liner. You want to get the tightest fit that your foot can tolerate.

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I don't have a shop that carries Zipfit or any other custom liners(or non-custom for that matter) in my area. I'll have to mailorder. That is why I was hoping someone could help me out with the model that most closely matches the stock liner. Anyone?
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I understand your dilemma, however Zip Fits are made to fit your foot in the shell, which we cannot answer via the internet.

If you were properly sized in a Falcon, I would make an educated guess that you want the World Cup as it has 20% less volume than the Grand Prix. There is also a new model called Signature Edition that is thinner than the World Cup. You may want to see if the retailer will let you exchange the liner if it has not been skied by you.

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Starthaus is on the right track. The Gran Prix I think is close to the volume of the stock Salomon liner but it would be helpful to understand your foot volume vs the shell volume as in reality any Zip will work.

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as others have said...really tricky on line, if i was to make a call on it the world cup may be the way to go for one reason...you can always add OM fit material [the only difference between the liners is the amount of the OM fit material] but it is hellish hard to remove it from the liner....speaking from personal experience
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Thank you gentlemen.
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