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Looks like you figured that thing out. That's
a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaadd pic, man. Cool.

Guess I'm gonna have to wait till a mid-year
photo-op to show you all what a TRUE all-mtn.
intermediate can do.
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Ryan, I'm willing to bet that you won't be an intermediate by the end of this year.
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VK, great picture (I am speaking as a photographer now) and great skiing...were you at racing camp? I was there on a 4th of July week about five years ago and the snowfield was divided and roped off for the race camp crowd. What I liked is that at Govenment Camp the ski manufacturers have their permanent shops set up and just by showing my PSIA card I could try any equipment for free....

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Yur sittin' on Clay right on top of one of my favorite lines "Pipeline"! Yahhhoooooo! And that's "Mother inlaw"* on the left side of the frame - *(short for a good place to throw your mother-inlaw out of the car because the autoroad passes right by the top of the line). Shot doesn't quite show Airplane but... I'm dreamin'

Not much snow but now i'm finally gettin' psyched for the season!

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Thanks everybody for complimenting the picture.

Ott, the picture was taken by a pro photographer (I think he has a shop at the Timberline lodge) during the annual Master's race. One could get a free one day demo from almost any rep as long as he/she was with one of the Mt. Hood camps. The only guys who would charge 5 bucks were the Nordica reps (this in addition to their used-car-salesman attitudes turned me off the Nordica products). Also you could order those demo skies from some companies: I got a pair of Atomic 10.22 with 614 binding for $475 + S&H in a very good condition.


Making a turn where you have to is different from making a turn where you want to...
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CS, wow, you're right, Pipeline is indeed what we skied -- I'm amazed you could tell from that pic! (See www.telemarktips.com for the complete story.)

VK, awesome pic!
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Am I posting too many pictures? I just want to share them with you guys please don't hate me. Here's one from Tuckerman's Ravines Left Gully. That's my buddy Eric with the board and my ugly head.
<img src = "http://sqa.ecollege.com/photo/tuckerman.jpg"

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WP, why can't I open your previous picture from Copper, nor the picture submitted by padirtybird..

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Guys, Here is a picture of myself and my family, D.J. Eric, Wifey(Martha), and myself at Copper two years ago. Easter Sunday snowcat skiing to the top of Tucker Mtn. A short hike to the top and a great powder run down Taco. Faces are kind of dark but don't have too many pictures on disk.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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If any of you have photos that you'd like to post but need re-sizing, sharpening or modifications made to contrast/brightness, email to me as attachments and I will gladly do the work (I have photoshop and many years experience). As you can see from the resized, sharpened, and adjusted image of WideSpreadPanic, it works.

email to me at skintner@hotmail.com

btw, I will add one of me and family as soon as we get them back.

<u>Eyes downhill!</u>
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It is cool to see pictures of all of you. But Do anybody have some tricpics?

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<img src=http://www.photoloft.com/view/exportImage.asp?s=plft&i=5071927&w=171&h=256>


Heres me last year at jackson hole<FONT size="1">

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Here is a picture of Mammoth last season.

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Great shot!

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Where you at?? HOw come i don't see you.
Still working on my pics, might be awhile. Gonna get some shots of frequent flyer miles

Everybody else: GREAT PICS!!!!!(if this was last year and i wasn't spending the majority of the ski season in Montana, i'd tell ya they sucked, but it would be the jealousy speaking)

Wear your battle wounds with Pride!!!
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I blend.
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Hey milesb, where was that photo of Mammoth taken from? The thing on the right hand side of the picture kind of looks loke a wingtip mounted missile. Or am I just seeing things?
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thanks for the killer wallpaper!
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Here's me catching a few early season turns on a 45 degree slope:


<img src=http://www.geocities.com/noel_bonnici/cantwaittoski3.jpg>

Santa, you are trying to link to a picture on your hard drive! The picture has to be on a web server, not your hard drive. E-mail it to me and I'll put it on our server (august@EpicSki.com). But hurry, I'm leaving town for a week on Saturday. -AC

OK, Here goes again! - Santa

Yo man, chill.<FONT size="1">

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I think I finally got it. I had to create my own webpage in the process.

Sorry if the pic's so big; I also got fed up in the process, and I didn't feel like resizing it.


Yo man, chill.
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You know, I also have been looking longingly at my staircase!
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Spring 2000, east of Loveland Pass.
- Paul
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Thats a long way to IMPACT - did you land it?
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Thanks. The landing was steep and untracked with good snow, so landing it wasn't a problem. I was more concerned with having enough speed to clear the ledge and the snowcovered log at the bottom. I spent a bit of time throwing snowballs trying to judge the approach speed and the correct takeoff angle.

I'm not too concerned about ACL damage in situations like this since it's unlikely that I'll be in a backwards twisting fall. It's much more probable that I'd hipcheck, backslap, or worst case go into a forward roll.

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That's some cool pix...
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Fun in the Fluff@ Mt.B,Or.

I wonder if skierpaul needed a pilots license for that one?
Want big air? Pull my finger.

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Most of the pictures didn't post. Dang!
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Here is me from a few years back up at Huntah...notice the biiiig loooong skis. First generation Salomon 1S's...PR8= A wopping 212cm of man ski, now I look at a 188 and say damn.. do I want that much ski?

Picture: "to be added later my moderator big buddy: Dchan"

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Here is trip from last year:

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Well Damn! There a trick to linking to Yahoo! pictures? or can we make it easier to upload somewhere?
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