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Something Lars said got me thinking. Is there anyway we could post pictures of ourselves, to have faces with our words?
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Good idea huh. I would rather get the chance to ski with all you though. Knowing that's not possible maybe A.C. can figure out a way. Computer genious he is and all.

Skicrazy, If you read this, I hope to get the chance to meet with you and your misses in a couple weeks. I'lol let you know where I'm going to be staying in Dillon.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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To ad a picture, you can either use html as bigerr said, or the slightly easier way if you do not know html is to follow the directions here: www.epic-ski.com/ubb/ubbcode.html -- and scroll down the list to "Adding Images" (these directions can be accessed by clicking to the left of the page on which you type your new posts where it says "UBB Code is ON").

Keep in mind, that you must have the picture already on the web somewhere and it will be pulled into your post from that location. If you do not have anywhere to host the picture, e-mail it to me in .jpg format and I'll host it here and e-mail the web address to access it back to you.<FONT size="1">

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Here's a picture of me at the top of Blackcomb's Galcier chair last March.

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cool. i can finally post that shot of me
in my five-turn descent of Whistler Bowl
last year. Y'all're gonna love this.

Hmm, now where'd I put that thing?

Well, can't find it. Guess it'll have to
be my face-plant getting off the Panda
chair @ Buttermilk.

Seriously, this is some cool stuff, I like
it - kind of like a magazine now - and I
know I DO have a few shots somewhere. Just
gonna have to get up to speed on this tech

JOHN H, nice photo. Great idea(s) MILES and

<FONT size="1">

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Here's a picture of myself from Copper last year.

<img src = "http://sqa.ecollege.com/test/wsp.jpg"


Sorry it's so big, I tried to resize it smaller but it just looked really bad. I erased the multiple edited messages, but I just couldn't make myself crop the photo.

Thanks dchan!!!
Well I wonder where that skier's bound. Is there some run, somewhere, someway out there that I've not found.

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You can also stick it in something like Microsoft Photo Editor and crop it to make it smaller without shrinking it. To shrink it and keep it looking correct, you need to reduce the horizontal and vertical by the same percentage.

Also, when you do multiple edits, you can erase the old "this message edited by...." because they show up in the message box.
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If no one has webspace but has a photo (gif, jpg, bmp, etc) and wants a photo on this thread, email it to robertm@ecollege.com and I can throw it on here.
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Hey John H,
When I try to crop the photo it's just replacing the cropped area of the photo with a white background, I'm using Imaging for Windows. Any ideas?
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Well, here goes a try at pictures: this black and white shot of me going over a jump was shot in Aspen in 1958...at age 26 these things seemed easy...

<img src = "http://sqa.ecollege.com/photo/ottjump.jpg">
<FONT size="1">

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I don't think microsoft imaging is capable of actually modifying the image. It may just replace the area with white.

Do you have microsoft photo editor? It can do the job very easily. Or post your email and one of us can probably crop it and send back to you.

Oops, I just noticed you did post your email. I just sent you a cropped picture. I also adjusted the balance a little so we can see your face a little better.<FONT size="1">

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And this one is of my wife Ann and me in Taos two years ago doing some synchronized skiing. We do this often, Ann shortswings down a slope and I symchronize, with my tips missing her tails by 4-6 inches...



<img src = "http://sqa.ecollege.com/photo/ANNANDI2.jpg">

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I noticed you are a retired Photojournalist?

Do you have any notable works published? I'm just kind of interested because my wife is a Hobby fine art Photographer and works almost all in black and white.
I would like to see your work
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dchan, I was published daily for 35 years, had many one-man and group shows at museums and art institutes and published a book of ballet photographs, which was a fund raiser for the Ohio Ballet and is out of print, not readily available...

There are over hundred pictures of mine in the photo forum on Compuserve, but unless you are a member you can't get into the archives. Or maybe you can, I don't know for sure. If you do, search with the keywor OTT

e-mail me at shooter1@neo.rr.com and I'll send you some which are on my hard disk.

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Here is a picture of me at Crested Butte last March.

Oh well, I tried. <FONT size="1">

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Oh man oh man oh man oh man I'm gettin' MINE
all ready, awright, y'all just wait....
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you need to add img src= at beginning and quotes around the http----.jpg

try cutting the tag by bigerr and pasteing it into your post and then just correct your http.
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Arby's pic<FONT size="1">

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dchan, thanks, I'll just leave it alone. I might make it worse.

That was the steepest run I've ever skied. I've skied some short steep runs before, but Headwall was steep for a long, long way.

After my clinic in January, I hope to be much more confident in that crazy stuff.
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Arby, I was at a clinic at CB and they took our poles away right before we skied Headwall. Very interesting.
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I still don't know where these pictures are stored. Are they stored on which server?

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These pictures are stored on whatever server the img tag is pointing too. For instance Ott, the pictures that you sent me, I copied to one of the old QA web servers at my work and sent you the code to link to them. There's also some caching going on here, so the your local machine doesn't have to request a new file for each picture everytime you load the site, unless the modified date on the cached file is older than the modified date on the file on the local server. Fun.

Well I wonder where that skier's bound. Is there some run, somewhere, someway out there that I've not found?

<FONT size="1">

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Thank you, WP, as I understand it now, whenever you or someone delets these pictures from your server, they would not show up here anymore, right? I thought AC said that he could post them on his server, I presume so as not to inconveniece someone else...

But I thank you for doing my shots, I would not have been able to put them up otherwise.

I have RoadRunner cable as the IP and they do offer me some space on their server, I'm going to find out if I can put my stuff up there and then I only have to learn that code to point to it...

BTW, Arby, nice to see your mug... ...Ott
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I'm happy to host your pictures on the EpicSki server if you need a place to put them. E-mail them to me ( august@epicski.com ) in .jpg format. (as I did with Arby's pic)

Arby, you entered the correct code to post it -- I don't know why it didn't work. I guess html is a better approach than the UBB code (as dchan correctly did).

Any one who sends me a pic, I'll e-mail back the link imbedded in the propper html code so all you have to do is copy and paste it in your post on the forum.<FONT size="1">

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Ott - I love that picture of you from '58!!

Here's one of me doing a little rotation at Blackcomb (Dave Murray DH) from '97.

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Great shot John...keep them coming, folks.

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Here's a little photo of the hike up Tucker Mountain at Copper.

<img src = "http://sqa.ecollege.com/photo/rob/rob hike.jpg"


Well I wonder where that skier's bound. Is there some run, somewhere, someway out there that I've not found?
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Here I am at the top of Mt Washington's Great Gulf:
<img src=http://www.telemarktips.com/Resources/JSSsnack.jpg>

And here I am with Ascutney mouse, who for some odd reason was hanging around during the Boston College race, and for some equally odd reason prompted in me the urge to put my arm around him/her and get a picture taken:
<img src=http://web.mit.edu/skiing/www/pics/sheffy.jpg>
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Just trying to figure this picture thing out..
<FONT size="1">

And finally it worked....

BTW that's me at Mt.Hood August, 2000<FONT size="1">

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Nice shot VK. I've got a few racing pics, but none good enough to share with the forum. I'm still waiting for that perfect shot. Maybe this season.
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