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1/2 sizes...

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There is another thread in Ski Gear Discussion asking about the difference between a Salomon 26.0 and a 26.5 in the same boot.

Is it:

a) different shell w/ same sole length
b) different zeppa
c) different liner
d) different stock foot bed

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????

Inquiring minds NEED to KNOW. Help us O' Foot Fetishists... err, Boot Guys.
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and the answer is "D"!!!

The footbed is thicker in the 26.0 than in the 26.5---the thicker footbed pushes the foot upward in the toe box reducing volume and making the boot feel shorter.

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In Salomon's Case it's c) the liner. and D) the stock footbed.
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and answer "E" is

doesn't matter as they all pack out to the same "fit" anyways.
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I like mntlion's point. In my store I don't even bother to stock half sizes. I buy boots in 26, 27, etc because the half sizes really don't accomplish anything.

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Me too Lou.
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Who said we can't agree on anything?

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Certainly not me.
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look, we are all one big happy family now....

skiing hand in hand, in perfect harmony.
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No wait.......I only buy .5's! You guys are full a crap
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