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Dilemma - Surgery now or wait?

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I've had what I thought was classic tennis elbow for about a year and a half now, given cortisone shots to dull the pain a couple times and did physical therapy religiously only to find nothing has improved. I now find, after having done a CRT scan, that I have a torn muscle in the elbow, and will need to have surgery on the elbow (known as ERCB surgery).

The real kicker is that while the surgery itself is relatively straightforward, actual recovery takes 12 or more weeks in that it takes a long time for the tendons to completely heal.

That being said, if I get the surgery now, I will probably miss the first few weeks to a month of the ski season (surgery now scheduled for Oct 15...can't ski until Dec 15 best case). I'm also an avid golfer, so while I'm considering waiting until ski season is over, then doing the surgery (mid-March??) I also don't want to screw up the start of my golf season.

Any thoughts from brighter minds on what best to do?
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Get it done asap. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll be better.

You can always ski in a cast. Just don't tell Doc.
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+1 You'll be missing what is almost certainly the worst part of the season.
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Just get it over with. You'll be better off the sooner you have it done.
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