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recommend a 90mm plus ski that will also handle tahoe's worst conditions

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i like skis that might be considered a bit fat here (but too skinny for tgr) and not too stiff. my skis for utah that i really liked were rossi b4's at 95 and k2 coombas at 102, both soft , but that was for off piste in soft snow.

i was thinking about k2 obsethed's (based on just reading) for a ski that could also handle less-that ideal conditions at tahoe....wet, crud, windpack, manke, icy,etc.

anything else in the 90 to105 range that you love for tahoe?
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In what you describe as "less than ideal," I love my Big Stix 84s. In the current Fisher lineup, I haven't tried but would look at the Misfit (formerly Atua) or Watea 94.

PM Gear Bro Models and Moment Tahoes are designed with these conditions in mind.

Other good options that I haven't tried would include the Dynastar Legend Pro Rider. (The Mythic Rider is a little narrower than you're looking for.)
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2nd the Legend Pro. I use my LPs for these conditions. ( I have literally skied the LP on a day that had everything listed but the wind packed condition. It was raining half way up Alpine Meadows that day. The turns at the top were fun in a creamy sierra cement kind of way. )

Mantra would be another ski to look at.

I have both the Mantra and the LP. LP has better edge hold but is a bit more work to ski.

How important is the edge hold on really hard snow?

If you are going to ski the rock hard days, you might also look at Stockli's offerings: Scot Schmidt Pro(both the older 89mm waist and the new 101mm waist versions) and the DP.

If you are going to avoid the hard snow days, I would look at the Gotama. Or just stick with the Coomba.
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Seeing StormDay's post reminded me not to overlook the Elan m777. He has a pair he may be willing to part with.
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^^^ I was taking pictures of the bases when you posted that...

skis are in gear swap:
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I forgot to mention the Moment M1 and Garbones (rockered M1), which are on the high end of your size range but are reportedly teh schweetness as well.
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How about the Moment Tahoe?

Fits right in with your requirements, Moment's description is as follows..

"Conceived with Tahoe's shifty climate in mind, this ski will weather various conditions. Light pow and first chair, Sierra cement by noon, pond skimming at 2 pm and ice skating the next morning - it's all in Tahoe. With the moderate flex and versatile sidecut, there's no need for a midday ski exchange. The Tahoe is truly your do-it-all ski."

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I mostly ski Squaw and Kirkwood, and have Gotamas and Mojo 90s. I use the Gots for cut-up/crud, and the Mojos when it gets bony/ bumpy. Both have good edge hold if you keep 'em tuned, and they aren't noodles in crud. There are some good deals on the Mojos out there if you look around. The other suggestions look real good, too...
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stiff, and damp = good times in less then idea conditions at med to high speed

dynastar LP or XXL
volkl explosive
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thank you for all the good suggestions

i will have fun shopping.

does this mean no love for the obsethed"s?
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Head Mojo 94
Kastle 98
Dynastar LP
Stockli DP
Bro Stiff

Remember, you said "worst conditions." The skis you like aren't gonna cut it. Neither are all the wide planks being offered up because Tahoe's worst includes refrozen and rough ice, so you better be able to seriously deploy edges. These are all stiffer than what you're used to, so go short and ski hard...
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