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Boots for instructors

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Hello guys/gals

Until 5 years ago I suffered in my boots for 30+ years then finally got some nice boots with beds.
My feet still have some bad days but not nearly as bad as the old days.

This year I will be teaching ski school for the 1st time in 20 years and I'm concerned about being on my feet all day.
When I'm putting pressure on the tongue of my boots (rossi's) and my heal go's back I am fine. It's being strait up walking around with beginners that worries me.
Any ideas what to look for in a boot before I start trying them. Last time the fitter went through every boot in the place till we got to the Rosie's. I don't ski as hard as I use to, but crank it up now and then. My feet are thin but flatten out over the day.

I don't want to sell any students short because the instructor is having boot issues.

Thanks in advance
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Really hard for us to give advice without seeing your feet etc.

If you're going to be putting in serious time with never evers, wedge turns, walking around - IMO consider some alpine touring boots.
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Thanks for the reply

Touring boots are like tele? They unlock at the heal?
Any examples?

I'm fine when I'm turning its the standing that kicks my ***
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I agree with Matt. Garmont and others make some great AT boots that ski at a fairly high level. You'll be warm, comfortable, easily able to demonstrate technique well beyond a beginner level and have no problem walking and standing.

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Originally Posted by jdistefa View Post

Really hard for us to give advice without seeing your feet etc.

It is also difficult not knowing you skiing ability...

but...this was a popular boot over the last few years with people who worked in their boots here in JH. I sold tons of them.

It is a warm, reasonably stiff boot with a heat moldable liner and replaceable heel and toe. 100mm underfoot. 115 Flex.

Tecnica Magma Hotform- you should be able to pick up a pair for a screaming deal somewhere.

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