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what makes a good club or how to select a club to join

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I decided to follow the Skicrazies advice and try adult racing (PACRAT for those in the northwest) this year. To do that I had to join a ski club; hence the question...what makes a good club or how to select a club to join? Can you offer experience or feedback? Or maybe just something funny and abusive.
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Pick the one with the annual wet T-shirt contest. :
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It depends on what you're looking for. As a New Englander who works in the flatlands and skis Vermont, I've belonged to two ski clubs in my adult life. The first had a house in ski country where you could stay for practically nothing. I did that for a few years 'til I found a share in a rental house to get my own permanent bed. I just joined a second one recently to get access to inexpensive lift tickets. Clubs that belong to the Connecticut Ski Council can participate in a pre-season bulk buy of day tickets at Sugarbush, Killington, Okemo, and a couple others. Since ASC sold Sugarbush, I decided to buy a batch of discounted ($32) tickets to escape Killington on busy Saturdays. I also picked up some Killington tickets for house guests. I joined the Aetna Ski Club because dues were only $20 and they didn't care if you worked for Aetna or lived in Connecticut.

There's a club in my flatland town of Portsmouth, NH. I've attended one meeting and might join if they have a trip that's worth hooking up with.
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I can't say enough GOOD stuff about joining a ski club.

What to look for? Depends on your own needs.

For me - I wanted the discounted lift tickets, the lodge at the base of a mountain so I had cheap digs. People of my own age group to ski with.

What I got? A GREAT group of people who are quickly becoming a second family. Free lessons all of last year that brought my boyfriend from a solid Blue trail guy to a double diamond skier. Kids for my own son to ski with. A lodge at the base of MRG that allows us to roll out of bed, eat breakfast cooked by a hired cook, slap on our ski's and ski down to the lifts. Vermont in the summer for $10 a night, club sponsered ASIA training, off season events like rafting, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking.

The best part? I'm not looked at like a complete crazy woman because I'm surrounded by other ski addicts!
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Ski Clubs are great, but they can be like ski boots. As good as one is, it may not be for everyone. Some clubs have different personalities, demographics, nad interests in the off-season. A club can be too large for someone. If you get involved with racing, there will at least be a smaller sub-groiup that you'll be involved in. That will make it easier to connect with people in the club. I've been in ski clubs for about 12 years now, that have been associated with the Far West Ski Association (of which the Portland Council and Pacrats belong to). Have fun and good luck in your racing. Maybe we'll see you at Mammoth for the Far West Ski Assoc. Racing finals in April 2002 or Mt. Bachelor in April 2003.
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Who said: "Why don't you join a club and knock yourself in the head with it" ?
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thanks for the encouragement ya'all; altho, Snowonder I don't think you will see me in any "Finals". I'm just trying to improve to the point where I don't get intimidated by an unexpected steep or mogul. Maybe even turn when I want instead of when my ski decides it time to go another direction? The people do sound fun and the small group racing idea I like. What the hey? ya gotta have some fun.
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