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How Do You Know He/She is a Real Bootfitter?

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I'm learning that some of the shops are (in my mind) using bootfitting titles that don't really mean anything (i.e. boot specialist). The person sells boots, can make some good adjustments and recommendations but I don't see anything that says "This person is a certified boot fitter".

So how am I sure the person behind the counter is a certified bootfitter? Or does it matter as long as they garuantee their work?

So, is there a certification that should be hanging on the wall? Special handshake? Find the guy who's hands smell like socks? Maybe a link to go to?

The one listed in this forum is about 2.5 hours away and I'll probably go see him. I don't realy have any issues that a good footbed couldn't correct but I would like to get balanced or whatever it is that I need to do. Don't know what I need but I would like someone that knows say "you're good" or "try this".

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1) they should ask a lot of question

2) they should not just look at your feet, but check out how other parts of the lower leg move (ankle range of motion, arch size, etc)

3) shell fit the boot, in length and width, not just "try on the red boot"

no real special handshakes, some people are taught a lot of info, most have gotten this while working for many years.
You should feel comfortable working with them,
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We have a special handshake, i'll video it and stick it up on you tube
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Usually the folks that are good at what they do will ecude confidence in actions and not words. I.E. probably the boot guy with the least amount of advertising about being the best.
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Thanks all! Looking forward to the video .

The reason I brought this up is because I went with a friend to a well known ski shop in this area and "the" boot guy was helping us but seemed to not want to do much more than change models or brands to address (what I thought) my friends simple fit issues. My friend finally took out the liner on his own in a pair of boots that he liked and the boot guy said "There's no need to shell fit. I know that shell is your size. I've been doing this over 20 years." My friend said that it felt too tight and his toes were hurting. The answer "That's how a performance fit feels."

Shortly thereafter we were back in the car.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk to my friend about going to the guy in Plymouth with me. He seems to have all the credentials and certifications and is listed in this forum in one of the "sticky" threads.

Thanks again,
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Well you did the right thing in leaving. The guy helping you may have been doing it for 20 years, but clearly he has been doing it poorly. Don't go back. Or do go back, it is guys like him that keep the guys on the forum in business.

There is no boot fitter certification given by the industry. However there is a program called Masterfit that supplies training of a high quality. You could start by looking for a Masterfit certified shop and fitter.

You could also visit someone on this forum. Or rely on your knowledge. It seems you are learning enough here to make good decisions.

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Thanks. Would love to visit someone on the forum but in the listings most are a plane ride away or a days drive.

I have received a few recommendations from people on this forum that have used some folks in this area and they seem passionate about their abillities. I'm trying to sort that out now.

I was surprised that though I live in such a congested area (at least on NH's scale), I would have to travel over 2 hours on the highway to get to one. This includes the Masterft alumni.

Could be a business opportunity for someone.

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Word of mouth is always good too...
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