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FS Rossi {Lange} Race Boots...Cheap

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Two pairs of Rossi RL11 race boots for sale. Both in very, very good condition. This is the identical boot to a Lange RL11. Both are race "plug" boots. ZB-ZB flex. Both sets have lifts on the soles, and Booster straps. These are the most classic Lange shape, and happen to be branded as Rossi. As most probably know, all Rossi race boots ARE Lange boots.

284mm Boot Sole length. Boots are almost brand new. These were provided to my daughter in March after she gave up on the RL12 boot. The boots have been ground very lightly in the heel pocket and toe, to given them a bit more length. A bit of grinding in the "6th toe" are to give them a bit more width. They have been canted 1 degree to the outside. There's plenty of sole left to cant flat or modify as needed. Most people won't even notice a 1 degree adjustment. The boots have very minor scratching on the insides and virtual none elsewhere. The liners are in great shape. Probably as "new" a used race boot as you'll find. $185 including shipping within the US.


The second pair are a 292 Boot Sole Length. They have been "cut" to give them a bit more flex, and were used as a speed boot, for SG and DH. Almost no grinding {maybe NONE} on the inside. The ribs on the back of the liners have been shaved off {a common race modification} which makes the stance a tiny bit more upright. They are also canted 1 degree to the outside. This is the boot and set up {the cut lower shell} that almost all of the USST Lange and Rossi athletes used for speed last year. These would make a very good boot for freesking. These were new at the beginning of the 06/07 season, and were only used for speed. Pretty light use as a result. Shells are in great shape...light cuts and scratching. Some buckles have scratching. Booster straps were swapped from another pair and are in fair condition. Probably OK for a season. $125 including shipping to the US.


PM me for more Pics. I can provide good detailed pics thru email. For some reason I have a problem doing it on the forum. You'll be able to see that they are really great shape. She's moved to another ski company, and will be in Lange boots. No need for these pairs. Hope somebody can use them! Thanks.
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Couple of things. The 284 BSL boots are almost new. They were about a $650 boot at racer prices last year. Perhaps I should have made it more clear that they are incredible shape. They weren't used at all until mid-March....so maybe 30-40 ski days.

When I said "probably OK for a season" with respect to the 292's, I was referring to life of the Booster straps ONLY. The boots have a lot of life in them. Seasons of life. And they have literally had a tiny amount of grinding. Almost none. The cuttin to improve the flex will improve the skiability for 99% of the skiers out there.

I can send anybody detailed pics by email. If you're thinking about a race boot in these sizes, these are worth a look. Normally they are beat up, ground to accomodate wierd bone spurs, etc. These aren't.

Thanks a lot.
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OK......I just want the boots out of the house at this point, so somebody's hopefully going to get a GREAT DEAL.


The 284mm's are now $125 shipped.

The 292mm's are now $75 shipped.

PayPal is fine. PM me for more info, or with questions.

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The 284mm's are sold, thanks!!

The 292mm's are available CHEAP. if I can net enough money after shipping to pay for a pair of Booster straps and shipping, I'll happy. That would be about $40-45.

Anybody? Nice boots.
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