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it's not the tool it's the artist.
besides I rarely claim I'm an expert, just aspiring to be one.
I think I said "not an expert but on a journey towards expertise"

I think those were Equip 3S 's are circa 1993? Great ski. I still have my 198s
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I first tried to ski in 1964 @ Timberline(MT. Hood) Became an avid skier in 1970. Race Teams-1975 to 1985. Became a PSIA memeber in 1980.(Squaw Valley,USA) I am now an Adaptive Instructor at Mt. Bachelor..BLAH,Blah Blah...I don't hold much to Credits....The skis are about 5-6 years old,not sure. Here's a pic of them.
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dchan, See how you are. Everytime a dateline is questioned you have to make it long than I want it to be. OK so the skis are 8 yrs. old. Just wait, till your joints are shot!
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oh. Slider, Those are pre Prolink! I would put those at 10+ yrs.. I think those were out the same time the e9000 came out. 1989-90 ish? I think they were avail through the 94 time frame.
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Right again. Pro-Links came out a year after. I still ski them sometimes. Bent one awhile back but they still do a great job. Hit an Ice ball the size of a Buick. :
I didn't fair to well either. See what I mean about the joints. : What NEW skis are you on?
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The joints are almost shot.. a week of skiing requires daily Aleeve or Relafen already.. Lots of times I think to myself those are only a few years old.. then I look at my receipts and go OOOOPS. I keep telling myself I don't need new boots these are so "new". [img]tongue.gif[/img]
Love all the pics by the way. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'm currently on X-Screams series. I just got my warr replacements... and I guess I have to correct the time frame.. Those might be 8 years for a late in production ski.
I want to try the Pilot Scream 10 this year (new wood core). Also want to try the atomic 9.12 and salomon 10 3v. I'll also have to check out the volkl again. We'll see
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I think I skied a black diamond in Va. in year 1. Heck, there's even the "double black" at Wintergreen...okay, so I fell down that a few times; the snow was bad...

Expert, sure.

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dchan, if you can get by the graphics give the Crossmax 10 Pilot a shot. Quicker than the Series and better edge hold.
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You guys kill me. Gonz, nice to know you haven't slipped a bit. Good pics and sound effects. As I always feel like I can't quite get there the serious replies are helpful. Good thread Ryan.
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Thanks. That was another one I want to try. The demo truck didn't have any for me to see last time but I got there too late to demo any way.
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