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PNW snowing

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And thus it starts
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"Snow level 3500 feet. "

Gotta love that.
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The geese are forming and the deer are in an eating frenzy on the lower elevations showing lots of movement.. They know it's coming.

It was 85 here in Liberty Lake,Wa thursday but the low temps in the valley are in their lower forties. Frost warnings are appearing in the forecasts. No snow appearing on the local hills this week but we did get a sampling of things to come last week. A nice storm front came in from the west yesterday and if was a bit colder the higher hills would be all white.
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I knew my offering to the snow gods would work! I played my last round of golf for the season today. Golf clubs to the storage, skis out.

Stevens Pass is saying snow for Wednesday night. Already has snowed at Baker
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We got turned around at 5500' on Saturday due to sleet and 40mph winds. We could have continued, but the winds and poor visibility would have made the descent dicey. The forecast had looked like shyte, but we we're trying to take advantage of a brief lull.

With snow forecast all week, the game is good weather break we're going to Camp Muir!
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Of course we'll probably get a Pineapple Express next month that will melt it all and we'll have to start all over...
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We tried to get some SL training in on the Palmer on Mt Hood yesterday. Lifts never opened due to the weather but it was snowing hard for about an hour or so.
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I have movement...
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Well this is awfully pretty...4" at Stevens this morning and more in the forecast.

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That Stevens Pass cam is a sight for sore eyes. Nothing is more depressing than ski area webcams in the summer.
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Calling for Snow @ 3000 feet Thursday. That would be in town.........YES.
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