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which skis is better?

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If you are forced to buy one or the other, I'd buy the Rossi, if I remember correctly, it has more sidecut than the Dynastar Max line of skis. Both are almost 10years old... I recommend looking around for newer skis.
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I think you are right, so I kept looking and found a pair of volkl 320 energy gamma skis (2005) @ 156cm, that would be in my price range. I am worried that they will be too much for me to handle. I am 5ft6.5in and 135lbs
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That would be a much better choice.
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In what price range are you about to buy. You would be better off checking with some of the shop owners here on Epic. For a little more you could get something just right.

I see you have no pm set up.
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thanks I will go with the volkl's
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