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The Obligatory 5000th Post

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I figure I better start a 5000th post thread since I heard not doing such exactly on your 5000th post brings on a curse similar to breaking a chain letter. Not wanting to tempt fate here it goes.

It’s taken me 8 ½ years to get to 5000 posts. This upcoming ski season will be the 10th I’ve participated in this forum. If I would have spent one tenth the time paying attention to my 401K plan that I did on this forum I could retire 5 years earlier.

Things definitely have changed around here. For the first few summers there would be periods where nobody posted for weeks. The smaller group did have its advantages as I had the time to participate in the all the threads that interested me. Now days thread grow way to fast. Add in the number of articulate posters that put in long responses and I just can’t keep up anymore. It’s frustrating when I post in a thread and come back the next day to find 4 or 5 pages of responses to go through.

Things have definitely changed with skiing, also. Just after joining this forum I bought a pair of powder skis, Salomon Supermountains which were 78mm underfoot, wide for then. In gear discussions I found myself on the wider end of ski recommendations. Now days I find myself recommending skis narrower than most posters.

Things have also come full circle. The season I joined my main ski brands were Dynastar and Salomon. I have since bounced all over the map with Nordica being the dominate brand the previous two years but this season I find myself back on Dynastar and Salomon. I haven’t changed boot brands in 12 years since the 100mm last Nordica models fit me so well. (I’ve been using Scott Series 4 poles for over 3 decades…..egad.)

I’ve met some great people through the forum, had a chance to ski with some fantastic skiers because of it and got some great bargains. I’ve also been ripped off twice, been savagely attacked (mainly for defending snowboarder) and almost quite a few times. Each year I ponder whether I’m going to renew my subscription because I find myself lacking the time to participate but each year I do. This forum isn’t perfect but it’s still the best one out there for me.

All this time and this is what I have to show for it:
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Well done !

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Eight and a half long years.

Well, the one thing you can say fer' sure that you gotten here is .... old!
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Best 5000th post ever, and great memorabilia.
When you get to 5001, I hope you'll tell that story.
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Rio, seems to me that you have 5000 posts that mostly pertain to skiing!!!! Imagine that!
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